Thursday, April 29, 2010

My Pregnancy: Week 31

Another 9 weeks to go...... or shall I said another 6 weeks to go?

Monday, April 26, 2010

My Pregnancy: Week 30 and 4 Days

Went for checkup up last saturday. This time babies position changed again. Both in sitting position. Doctor told me that is hard for them to change position as the space inside my belly was not enough and not allow them to do so. I will be end up for c-sec and my EDD will bring forward to 15th of June (suggested by doctor).

Both babies was having war inside my belly now as what doctor said; they are fighting each other to get the No.1 place. Currently baby on the left side is the winner but baby from the right side is not giving up to get the first place. I don't care who will be the winner, once during c-sec is all depend on the doctor who she/he want to take out first...hahaha. As long as my both babies and me are safe, that is my biggest wish.

Current weight = 61.5kgs
Baby (left) weight = 1.3kgs
Baby (right) weight = 1.4kgs

Daddy & Mummy love you both always.

Monday, April 12, 2010

My Pregnancy: Week 28 and 4 Days

So fast come to my trimester already.
Can't really imagine time pass so fast and me getting nervous day by day. Any single movement inside my belly keep me alert. Whether babies is playing inside or complaining inside or is the sign to me that they want to come out? I know I think too much already.

Last week managed to get a record at the government hospital ("Yes, if you don't have record with them or so call the red book, they will not accept you"). This time scanning show both babies change their position again. Baby 2 is on top of baby 1 again. Besides doctor told me for twins normally will go for c-sec and seldom go for natural birth, if I want to try it also can. A bit confuse but I think I will end up c-sec since my babies keep changing the position. And this time the doctor told me that my EDD would be on 28th of June.

Recently both babies movement quit big, until sometime my belly run out of joke and is quit pain either. Sometimes will found out there was a small hill pop up and was super hard. If you touch few times, the small hill will disappear, I guess they are playing with me.

Hope everything goes well, on schedule and both babies come out safely and healthy. This is my biggest wish throughout my whole pregnancy.