Monday, June 28, 2010

E-Twins: Edwin First Pacifier

Yesterday was Edwin first time try on pacifier. We never plan to give them pacifier as is not really encourage by my in law, for all the while I just keep the twins pacifier a side until yesterday night.

Is really a nightmare for my mil and me. Edwin won't corporate with us for more than few hours. He just keep crying when we try to put him sleep. At first we thought his tummy got wind so we put some oil (chinese med) to warm his tummy but still was not able to settle him. Then we try to feed him but after few suck he start to split it out all the milk and cry again. My mil keep carrying him and hug him whenever he start the engine. He just like want people hug him until fall sleep but once put him on bed, he cry again.

Until up to the limit, we decided to give him the pacifier. Guess what, once we put the pacifier inside his mouth, he stop crying and start to suck on the pacifier. After few minutes, his eye start closing and another few minutes, he fall in sleep and split out the pacifier. last he sleep and we can rest.

Now mummy will know how to settle Edwin if he start behave like that again next time. While for Edmund, the brother, he so far so good. Never give much trouble for me and up to now, no pacifier for him...^_^.

Below is Edwin with his pacifier

Sunday, June 27, 2010

San Terri

San Terri Cake, originally uploaded by jezalmy1981.

Here is the cake i miss most now. Green tea cake from San Terri.

Tuesday, June 22, 2010

E-Twins: Day 14

Is been 14 days after the twins arrived to this world. Both of them really make my life change a lots, full of excitement and gain new experiences as a parent. Never know that become a mother is much more harder than what I thought especially taking care the twins.

Feeding is a problem when both of them cry at the same time for milk, sometimes it really make me headache but luckily this won't happen so often as I train them have milk in different timing. So far I still haven't try to bath them by myself alone as I think I am not able to handle them as I scare I will accidentally hurt them and so on. For all the while is my MIL help them take bath and I change the diaper for them.

What about daddy?

He really helping me a lots. As a father, he already done his part by helping twins changed diaper, feeding and even sometimes sing song for them when twins is moody and I not well. I never thought he can go so far like this as he himself also a hot temper person. I really appreciate and thanks a lot of his help.

What about my MIL?

She taken 1 month off just to become my confinement lady. She cooked, she clean, she take care the twins day and night so I can really rest and she is very concern on me too. She will asked what dishes I would like to have, how is my conditions, am I still pain and so on. Really happy that I have such in law and thanks for everything.

What about Edmund?

He is kind off quiet type. He won't give me much trouble unless he is hungry or pass motion. we notice that he always will suck his finger first when he is hungry, after few attempts, he will give us some alert sound then if still not feeding him then only he will cry out. He won't cry when taking bath.

What about Edwin?

He is the fierce Tiger. He will just cry out loud for milk, bath, if pass motion or urine and so on. I guess his character like the father, hot temper. need to train him well on how to control the temper when he grow up.

Below are some of the photos update:-

All photos taken by daddy

Monday, June 14, 2010

Welcome E-Twins

YES. Finally is over of my pregnancy (37 weeks). Delivered the twins on 9th of June 2010.

Edmund = 2.1kgs
Edwin = 2.1Kgs

Weird right. Both babies having the same weight, even the doctor and nurse also said like that...hahaha. I can't go for natural birth even both babies was in correct position that time due to certain reason (I been under labour pain of 10 hours) and doctor advice my husband I need emergency c-sec. That is, mummy end up and delivered both of you.

This was a new experience for me and my life start changing from this date. I am a mother of twins, Brian is the father of twins.

Below are some of the photos update of Edmund Wong and Edwin Wong, the 2 little tigers....

Having Dinner after the operation...look a bit ugly and messy.

Edmund Wong Her Hee and Edwin Wong Her Vee

Edwin (youngest brother)

Edmund Wong (The eldest)

Monday, June 7, 2010

My Pregnancy: Week 37 - Quick update

Baby Weight:-

First baby (Edward) = 2.2kgs
Second Baby (Edwin) = 2.3kgs
Mummy Weight = 67kgs

Summary:- Babies put on weight super fast for the last 2 months. This cause mummy belly, backbone super pain and the stretch mark all over the belly. Doctor predict mummy will early birth at least 2 weeks from the EDD (28th June), which mean another week to go. Mummy and Daddy is so excited now, hope to meet you both soon.

Mummy & Daddy Love you always.