Wednesday, October 27, 2010

A day with BUNNY

Twins have a day with bunny.
Secrete talk among each of them.
Wonder next time twins and bunny allow mummy join in or not.

Edmund with his friend, Bunny

Edmund and Bunny concentrating on the TV programme together until forgot look at the camera.

Edwin having a secrete talk with his friend, Bunny. Wonder what Edwin try to share. Next time must ask Mr.Bunny already.

Bunny turn.... ze ze zam ze ze zam

Let have a group photo with Bunny.

Edmund: "Edwin you go away, I just want Bunny take photo with me."
Edwin: "Mummy, you see Edmund gor gor, he is pushing me away."
Bunny still laughing there....

Edwin: "Is time for me revenge back, I bite you."
Edmund: "Ops......mummy you see what didi Edwin doing."
Mummy don't care, keep snapping photo of them.