Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Vietnam Food

Typical Vietnam food.
Inside have ham, braise pork, egg and onions.

Vietnam Sandwich
Inside you can find the braise pork, cucumber, egg and chilies.
Trust me, you won't want to have a bite on the chilies, is super duper spicy. How I know? Of course I was so bad luck and accidentally bite on the chilies and fr the next second, my tongue start to feel pain and my tears non-stop popping out.

A closer look on the ingredients

Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Vietnam Mee Hon

A local food from Vietnam.
The Vege Mee Hon + Vege Spring Roll
Is yummy and the taste of the source is a bit different from Malaysia.

Monday, November 22, 2010

Clumsy Me

EDWIN felt down from bed......=.="

how could this happen on my little edwin.
all happened on last saturday, when brian n I bring the 2 E back to Gombak. Once reached home, i put edwin on the bed and requested biran keep an eye on him while he was carried edmund that time. Actually brian do requested me put edwin next to him but just don't know why I didn't do so and asked him get up and sit with edwin. When I went down to the living hall halfway, I heard a loud screen from brian ("calling my name") and followed by a loud cried from edwin. My first reaction was dump always all the things that on my hand and rush back to the room. What I saw was brian carrying edwin and try to comfort him and ofcourse my little princess cried badly. I tried my best to comfort edwin by rubbing his head, his back, legs and whole body as I am not sure where he had a big knock. However, edwin just couldn't stop crying and his whole face turn pure white and this really scare us. After 10 mins he was stop crying and felt sleep. We keep monitor him as we might not know or sure anything will happen on him after the big impact. Luckily after the nap, he become active back, but still I bring him pay a visit to doctor and double confirmed that he was ok.

When I think back, if I listen to brian, carry edwin and put next to him, this will not happen to my little prince. What a clumsy me...hope my little prince will forgive me.

Day Felt Down = Day 165

Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Who Want Red

Who want red?
Me of course.
Nothing can stop me by putting this little red, hot and sexy baby inside my mouth.
Any fruits end with "ry" always my first choice.
No doubt, I am crazy for "ry"

Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Great Job Edwin

Finally Edwin successfully flip his body to the right on his own without mummy help. All happen suddenly without any sign to mummy and daddy.

This was happened yesterday night. While mummy was carried Edmund and play with him, daddy suddenly touched mummy shoulder and asked me keep a look on our little prince. When I turn and look at Edwin, he is actually turning halfway on the mattress. All of us pause and waiting for his first success flip. Just within few minutes, Edwin whole body already flip and my sis asked him move out his right hand so he can balance and move his head up. We been waiting there and finally Edwin able to move out his right hand in correct position and start make noise "ye ar ar ye ye ar ar". Not really sure what he is trying to tell mummy but I can see that he is quit happy on the move. But this only hold for 5 minutes, Edwin fall back on the mattress and remain in his relax sleeping post.

A bit regret that not record down the whole process but mummy able to snap few photos. At least better than nothing right.

Now what I look forward is when is my another prince, Edmund turn. He seem still not manage to flip his body by himself, still need mummy help him flip over. But sure one day Edmund will like his little brother Edwin, flip by him own self....mummy is waiting baby.

Edwin Flipping = Day 146

Wednesday, October 27, 2010

A day with BUNNY

Twins have a day with bunny.
Secrete talk among each of them.
Wonder next time twins and bunny allow mummy join in or not.

Edmund with his friend, Bunny

Edmund and Bunny concentrating on the TV programme together until forgot look at the camera.

Edwin having a secrete talk with his friend, Bunny. Wonder what Edwin try to share. Next time must ask Mr.Bunny already.

Bunny turn.... ze ze zam ze ze zam

Let have a group photo with Bunny.

Edmund: "Edwin you go away, I just want Bunny take photo with me."
Edwin: "Mummy, you see Edmund gor gor, he is pushing me away."
Bunny still laughing there....

Edwin: "Is time for me revenge back, I bite you."
Edmund: "Ops......mummy you see what didi Edwin doing."
Mummy don't care, keep snapping photo of them.

Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Rose For U

Here is the rose from me to all of the ladies

Monday, September 20, 2010

Something to Eat

Common local foods that can be found in the hub of the city, Malaysia. Of course if you have it inside the shopping complex the price would chop of your head.

Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Edmund & Edwin

Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Foods of The Day

Here what i take for breakfast and lunch

Morning breakfast. A cup of protein and small pack lexus cheese biscuit.

Lunch, self cook fusilli pasta with mayonase dressing.

Wednesday, August 4, 2010

E-Twins - Days 57

Few more days to go and my twins will turn to 2 months old. Never thought that my confinement holidays is ending soon and I will back to work on next Tuesday. I guess mummy will miss the twins.

Last few weeks mummy and daddy had bring the twins for photo shooting and yesterday we managed to get the softcopy from them. At last mummy can upload here and share with you all.

Below are part of the pictures I like most.

Mummy gonna miss the times with you both during my confinement even so much troubles and joys you guys bring to me.

Daddy and Mummy love you both always.

Friday, July 23, 2010

Flu Attack

I was down....having flu now and start to get serious. Should I still breastfeed the twins while I;m having the flu virus? Will the milk carry the virus for my twins?

Hope can recovery soon.

Thursday, July 15, 2010

E-Twins: Day 37

My little twins already 37 days old. The whole process of taking care twins is really not an easy job for me, until now i still not able to take care them by myself. If without my mum help I think I already crazy with the babies crying sound. Luckily move back to my parent house for a moment, at least they help me to reduce my stress.

I will be staying at my parent house at least 3 to 4 months until I manage to handle my twins alone, then only I will bring them back to hubby house during night time and day time still will let my mum take care of them. Poor little daddy, have to sleep alone for a while but I think he will happy of it as have a nice sleep without babies crying sound.

Edmund is start picking up like Edwin attitude. Throwing temper to us whenever they are not in the mood. Especially on me, I think they start bullying me T__T....

Edmund is enjoying...

Edwin is day dreaming again.

Edmund little hand

Edwin little leg.

All photos taken by me ^_^

Monday, June 28, 2010

E-Twins: Edwin First Pacifier

Yesterday was Edwin first time try on pacifier. We never plan to give them pacifier as is not really encourage by my in law, for all the while I just keep the twins pacifier a side until yesterday night.

Is really a nightmare for my mil and me. Edwin won't corporate with us for more than few hours. He just keep crying when we try to put him sleep. At first we thought his tummy got wind so we put some oil (chinese med) to warm his tummy but still was not able to settle him. Then we try to feed him but after few suck he start to split it out all the milk and cry again. My mil keep carrying him and hug him whenever he start the engine. He just like want people hug him until fall sleep but once put him on bed, he cry again.

Until up to the limit, we decided to give him the pacifier. Guess what, once we put the pacifier inside his mouth, he stop crying and start to suck on the pacifier. After few minutes, his eye start closing and another few minutes, he fall in sleep and split out the pacifier. last he sleep and we can rest.

Now mummy will know how to settle Edwin if he start behave like that again next time. While for Edmund, the brother, he so far so good. Never give much trouble for me and up to now, no pacifier for him...^_^.

Below is Edwin with his pacifier

Sunday, June 27, 2010

San Terri

San Terri Cake, originally uploaded by jezalmy1981.

Here is the cake i miss most now. Green tea cake from San Terri.

Tuesday, June 22, 2010

E-Twins: Day 14

Is been 14 days after the twins arrived to this world. Both of them really make my life change a lots, full of excitement and gain new experiences as a parent. Never know that become a mother is much more harder than what I thought especially taking care the twins.

Feeding is a problem when both of them cry at the same time for milk, sometimes it really make me headache but luckily this won't happen so often as I train them have milk in different timing. So far I still haven't try to bath them by myself alone as I think I am not able to handle them as I scare I will accidentally hurt them and so on. For all the while is my MIL help them take bath and I change the diaper for them.

What about daddy?

He really helping me a lots. As a father, he already done his part by helping twins changed diaper, feeding and even sometimes sing song for them when twins is moody and I not well. I never thought he can go so far like this as he himself also a hot temper person. I really appreciate and thanks a lot of his help.

What about my MIL?

She taken 1 month off just to become my confinement lady. She cooked, she clean, she take care the twins day and night so I can really rest and she is very concern on me too. She will asked what dishes I would like to have, how is my conditions, am I still pain and so on. Really happy that I have such in law and thanks for everything.

What about Edmund?

He is kind off quiet type. He won't give me much trouble unless he is hungry or pass motion. we notice that he always will suck his finger first when he is hungry, after few attempts, he will give us some alert sound then if still not feeding him then only he will cry out. He won't cry when taking bath.

What about Edwin?

He is the fierce Tiger. He will just cry out loud for milk, bath, if pass motion or urine and so on. I guess his character like the father, hot temper. need to train him well on how to control the temper when he grow up.

Below are some of the photos update:-

All photos taken by daddy

Monday, June 14, 2010

Welcome E-Twins

YES. Finally is over of my pregnancy (37 weeks). Delivered the twins on 9th of June 2010.

Edmund = 2.1kgs
Edwin = 2.1Kgs

Weird right. Both babies having the same weight, even the doctor and nurse also said like that...hahaha. I can't go for natural birth even both babies was in correct position that time due to certain reason (I been under labour pain of 10 hours) and doctor advice my husband I need emergency c-sec. That is, mummy end up and delivered both of you.

This was a new experience for me and my life start changing from this date. I am a mother of twins, Brian is the father of twins.

Below are some of the photos update of Edmund Wong and Edwin Wong, the 2 little tigers....

Having Dinner after the operation...look a bit ugly and messy.

Edmund Wong Her Hee and Edwin Wong Her Vee

Edwin (youngest brother)

Edmund Wong (The eldest)

Monday, June 7, 2010

My Pregnancy: Week 37 - Quick update

Baby Weight:-

First baby (Edward) = 2.2kgs
Second Baby (Edwin) = 2.3kgs
Mummy Weight = 67kgs

Summary:- Babies put on weight super fast for the last 2 months. This cause mummy belly, backbone super pain and the stretch mark all over the belly. Doctor predict mummy will early birth at least 2 weeks from the EDD (28th June), which mean another week to go. Mummy and Daddy is so excited now, hope to meet you both soon.

Mummy & Daddy Love you always.

Monday, May 31, 2010

Is Getting Closer

Is getting closer and closer already. Mummy not sure whether I am really well prepare for you both (Edwin & Edward). It seems that anytime you both will come out meet daddy and mummy.

This week will be 36 weeks you both inside mummy tummy already. Never thought that mummy can hold until that far as so many person predict mummy will early birth on the week 28 (7months) especially for that family ( Mummy think they are shock as they never give positive thinking to mummy during the whole pregnancy process ). Who care? As long as you both safely come to this wonderful world, daddy and mummy will try our best to give the best for you both.

Hope I have safe delivery.

Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Happy Birthday Darling aka Daddy

Happy Birthday to you Darling.
May all your wish come true one day and always in the pink of health and wealth.

My present for you this year is our twins (coming soon).

Wednesday, May 12, 2010

My Pregnancy: Week 33 Check Up at Government Hospital

Just back from check up at the government hospital. Went there since morning around 8:45am and wait until 11:30am only than was my turn to meet up the doctor (this is the part I hate most).

This time meet up with Doctor Philip. Both babies are fine and stay healthy inside the placenta and mummy sugar level back to normal. First baby still in sitting position while the second baby already change his position. Yes, this time his head had turn down but still can't go for natural birth as first baby position not encourage. Actually mummy intend go for c-sec and want to fix the date for operation but doctor not allow to do so.He said have to wait until the moment come. Wonder how long should I wait as my tummy skin is super duper pain even just a touch and the stretch mark getting serious (doctor said babies growing inside) even I try to apply the oil as much as I can to reduce it....Become a mother is really not an easy task, so guys, please appericiate, care and love your mother and wife more.

Simple update:
1. Both babies weight = 1.7kgs
2. Mummy weight = 63kgs

Daddy & mummy love you both so much.

Thursday, May 6, 2010

My Pregnancy: Week 32

Is getting closer and closer nowaday. Another 8 more weeks or maybe early, I will deliver my first twins. For the whole process, is getting harder compare with the first half. My belly is harder (like rock) now and this make my belly full of stretch mark even I had try my best to apply the oil as much as I can. Getting difficulty during night time especially when come to bed time, I can't twist and turn and sometimes is hard for me to get a smooth breathing. My backbone is super pain when each time I stand too long or sit too long, do feel it will break into half soon and so on.....Even now, is hard for me to stand up and walk, I will feel the pain from back to front, a type of sharp pain on the belly (not a joke). I feel that mummy no more space for babies (as what doctor told me)and they strech until the maximum already.

Sometimes, I do feel want to decide to c-sec early so I can avoid all the above problem even Brian and my MIL also felt that I should go for early c-sec maybe end of May or early June (They don't want me suffer with all this). But when I think back and think for for babies health, once again "rejection" come across my mind. No matter how, I will try to carry my babies minimum up to 9 months and will get the doctor advice which is the best solution for me.

Hope I really can get hold until 9 months now.

Daddy & Mummy always love you both.

Thursday, April 29, 2010

My Pregnancy: Week 31

Another 9 weeks to go...... or shall I said another 6 weeks to go?

Monday, April 26, 2010

My Pregnancy: Week 30 and 4 Days

Went for checkup up last saturday. This time babies position changed again. Both in sitting position. Doctor told me that is hard for them to change position as the space inside my belly was not enough and not allow them to do so. I will be end up for c-sec and my EDD will bring forward to 15th of June (suggested by doctor).

Both babies was having war inside my belly now as what doctor said; they are fighting each other to get the No.1 place. Currently baby on the left side is the winner but baby from the right side is not giving up to get the first place. I don't care who will be the winner, once during c-sec is all depend on the doctor who she/he want to take out first...hahaha. As long as my both babies and me are safe, that is my biggest wish.

Current weight = 61.5kgs
Baby (left) weight = 1.3kgs
Baby (right) weight = 1.4kgs

Daddy & Mummy love you both always.

Monday, April 12, 2010

My Pregnancy: Week 28 and 4 Days

So fast come to my trimester already.
Can't really imagine time pass so fast and me getting nervous day by day. Any single movement inside my belly keep me alert. Whether babies is playing inside or complaining inside or is the sign to me that they want to come out? I know I think too much already.

Last week managed to get a record at the government hospital ("Yes, if you don't have record with them or so call the red book, they will not accept you"). This time scanning show both babies change their position again. Baby 2 is on top of baby 1 again. Besides doctor told me for twins normally will go for c-sec and seldom go for natural birth, if I want to try it also can. A bit confuse but I think I will end up c-sec since my babies keep changing the position. And this time the doctor told me that my EDD would be on 28th of June.

Recently both babies movement quit big, until sometime my belly run out of joke and is quit pain either. Sometimes will found out there was a small hill pop up and was super hard. If you touch few times, the small hill will disappear, I guess they are playing with me.

Hope everything goes well, on schedule and both babies come out safely and healthy. This is my biggest wish throughout my whole pregnancy.

Monday, March 29, 2010

My Pregnancy: Week 26 Check Up

Went for check up last Saturday (27/03/2010).

Appointment made on 2pm but only managed meet up with Dato' Doctor Roopi around 2:45pm even though not much customer.

Before meet up with doctor, as usual pass urine for testing and take the weight. This time urine result show that my sugar level was a bit high. I wonder what I eat cause my sugar level is high although I already very careful on my food intake.

For this check up, Doctor gave me 2 news, one was good news another was bad news (should I consider bad news first). Ok let talk about the good news first. Doctor told me my weight still under control as for her my size still look like carrying one baby instead of twins. Even this time urine tested my sugar level slightly high but is normal. She was very happy the way I taking care myself and my food intake. Another things was my both babies head already turn to correct position which mean by right I can go for natural birth but with one condition which is related to the bad news. 2 head sleep on baby 1 shoulder which make the baby 1 not happy with his position now and baby 1 keep giving space to baby 2. If baby 2 continuing sleep on baby 1 shoulder, when come to natural birth, doctor scare it might stuck halfway or harm both babies. Mean I need to go for c-sec or until one day baby 1 no more tolerant with baby 2, he will decide come out early (which I never hope for).

The only solution now was, hope the baby 2 head will sleep a side a bit and slightly move upward so the baby 1 have space when the time come. I know still have 14 weeks to go, and I need to keep telling baby 2 what should he do now. Hope he can really understand what I trying to tell him and mummy no need go for c-sec or early birth.

Daddy and Mummy love you both always.

Friday, March 26, 2010

Jenson Birthday

Yesterday was Jenson, 27 yrs old birthday.
Not much celebration, just a cake from his friend (we requested her special made one) and birthday song to him.

The special made Chocolate Cake.
Is just so chocolate (for my own personal view) and I like the strawberries on the cake...:p

Cutting cake.

Jenson said this years the biggest present he got for his birthday was from his lovely wife. Ya my new SIL. Why? Because the day before Jenson birthday, she go knock on people car and now his new city is in the Car Hospital already. (Heard from Brian the victim's car quit serious =__=")

Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Babies Super Active

Some simple update on my recently pregnancy.

Babies are super active nowadays, they can kick so hard inside until I can't even move or sit straight. Even night time, if I try to sleep a side, definitely both of them will start complain to me they are not comfortable. Keep kicking until I surrender by raising the white flag and turn back to normal position. The outcome: the next morning my backbone pain like hell. Try many way to solve the problem by putting small pillows, negotiate with babies so allow me to change position and so on...but I have fail, kind of restless and depress sometime.

Another part was, my belly. Seems it keep growing until sometime I feel that is going blast anytime. Even a small portion of foods also can make me feel like the lava is blasting out from the volcano, serious no joke. I need to bend a bit when walking if I have such condition else never hope I can stand up and walk.

Now is just 25 weeks and 5 days, still have a long way to go. I must overcome my fears and all the negative thinking before come to my due date. Hope I still be strong enough when the time come...phew, now only notice become a mother is not that easy.

Tuesday, March 16, 2010

My Pregnancy: Week 24

Some updates on my pregnancy:-

1. Babies keep kicking non-stop (if the movement to big, I will feel pain on it).
2. Belly keep growing bigger and bigger, sometimes make me hardly breath and claim my office staircase.
3. Start facing the edema problem, the condition of swollen ankles and feet (just recently). Guess drink too much of water.
4. Just recovered from the cough and flu virus. Really killing, cough until my muscle pain.
5. Backbone pain like hell, no joke. Sometimes when I get up early in the morning, the painess just like a knife cutting me.
6. Sometimes will feel a bit pain on the belly, mum said this is normal as my belly is growing.
7. Easy tired and sleepy always.



Oh ya, just bought the twins stroller, will update soon.
See ya.

Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Wish for Holiday


I am not suppose to have oversea holiday from now on. Brian even told me, we will be tight up with our babies at least 2 years.
WThs is when you having something special from GOD and you will loss something as well.

Wednesday, March 3, 2010

My Pregnancy: Photos Update

Hi all,
Here are few photos to update. Hope you all will enjoy it.

A 29 years old new mummy carrying with her almost 23 weeks tummy. Currently having twins and both babies gender also boy. Due date would be 30th of June 2010 if everything goes with schedule.

Tummy size = 37"
Butt size = 38"
Weight = 60.5kgs up to now.
Breast size = secret.

Thanks for Brian helping me take all this photos.
That all for today.
See ya.

Monday, March 1, 2010

My Pregnancy: Week 22

Went for check up on last Saturday, 27th of Feb 2010. Did a second 4D scan on baby 1 to check the heart and his kidney. So far everything is good just the 2nd baby kidney a bit big size. Doctor told me for baby boy is normal and the size of kidney will small back after baby come out.

Another news she gave me is the possibility of early birth is there for me and this make me worry on it. As for now I need to take new pills to control it and hopefully babies can stay inside my placenta until the 9 months and hopefully until my due date. Mummy and daddy not yet prepare all the staff for you both.

So far my weight is 60.5kgs which mean the whole process I gain around 7.5kgs. I can feel babies kicking me often not only night time now but sometime in the morning as well. Or when come to lunch time, maybe they alerting me is time for meal. Brian now like to lay down and keep notice on my tummy movement, if he got the luck, he will see babies kicking and is quit pain for me nowaday but still I enjoy it.

Hope my babies are doing fine and come out on time (not early birth)
Daddy Mummy Love You Both So Much

Thursday, February 11, 2010

My Pregnancy: Week 20

I know is not come yet but I would like to share my joy to everyone who is reading this blog.
Today, officially my 20 weeks of pregnancy. This mean I have gone through half of the process..haha, still have another 20 weeks to go (Hope delivery on time). Tummy is getting bigger and bigger recently even I still manage my food intake. I guess babies is growing fast inside and enjoying the moment for Chinese New Year. Other than my tummy I do notice my weight put on so fast this few days but still under control I guess, as my butt size not increasing...phew~~
This time, I can feel my babies movement (kicking) but not always. Sometimes they kick often during night time before bed or sometimes just a few kick in the afternoon. Is really amazing when I start to notice the kicking from this week onward, even Brian also excited on it and keep put his hand on my tummy and ask the babies kick me, haha.
Is really enjoy when the babies kicking you and you are talking to them. Just hope both of them grow healthy and eat well, sleep well inside my tummy.

Daddy Mummy Love You Both So Much

Tuesday, February 2, 2010

My First 4D Scan

Post for 27/01/2009

Did my first 4D scan today.
Before attend, I asked few friends of mine, how is the process? Most of their doctor or clinic they went don't have this kind of facility. They just told me is scary and I was like =__=".... but still I need to go for the checking.

One night before I even dream that we are doing the 4D scan in group and yet Brian and I was late during the section...I think I too nervous about it.

After an hour waiting, finally is my turn to go in the small room. My heart is pumping very fast, not sure what will going to happen next. This time, the room is a bit smaller compare to last time but on top of the ceiling, have a big flat screen TV for Brian and I to see both babies instead to turn my head look at the small monitor. It was so exciting when the first baby show inside the TV screen. Then the doctor slowly slowly measure all the bone, check the eye, lip, ear, fingers, toes lung, heart, kidney, and etc. Why need to check all? This is to make sure my babies are growing in a healthy way.

Out of suddenly the doctor told us to look properly and said this was the pistol. At first point I don't get what she mean and she answered me "Gal, your husband will know what I mean" and I heard Brian is laughing at the corner. At last, I get what they mean, pistol = penis = 1st baby is a boy also (last checked up 2nd baby show us his gender already).

After all the scanning, I know that both also baby boy and they are not identical at all, may have different feature (maybe one look like me another look like Brian). Second baby is super active, keep kicking, swimming inside the placenta. First baby less active compare to the second baby but still keep changing position and this cause the doctor took quit a long time to get his measurement and I need to go back for second attend on 4D scan just for 1st baby as have 2 things not managed to scan out the result.

First baby = 10.8cm
Second baby = 10.7cm

Thursday, January 21, 2010

My Week 16 Small Hill

Dear All,

Proudly present the little hill bump up on me after 16 weeks of pregnancy for my twins.

Can't really imagine the hill keep growing and growing. Up to now, certain shirts, dress and pants I still can wear back but a bit tight on the butt part, some of my pants only can zip halfway T___T. Luckily I no need spent so much money on new clothes as my sister has pass alots for me. Wonder after CNY what size of my hill will be?