Monday, March 1, 2010

My Pregnancy: Week 22

Went for check up on last Saturday, 27th of Feb 2010. Did a second 4D scan on baby 1 to check the heart and his kidney. So far everything is good just the 2nd baby kidney a bit big size. Doctor told me for baby boy is normal and the size of kidney will small back after baby come out.

Another news she gave me is the possibility of early birth is there for me and this make me worry on it. As for now I need to take new pills to control it and hopefully babies can stay inside my placenta until the 9 months and hopefully until my due date. Mummy and daddy not yet prepare all the staff for you both.

So far my weight is 60.5kgs which mean the whole process I gain around 7.5kgs. I can feel babies kicking me often not only night time now but sometime in the morning as well. Or when come to lunch time, maybe they alerting me is time for meal. Brian now like to lay down and keep notice on my tummy movement, if he got the luck, he will see babies kicking and is quit pain for me nowaday but still I enjoy it.

Hope my babies are doing fine and come out on time (not early birth)
Daddy Mummy Love You Both So Much

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Doreen said...

Enjoy the "honeymoon" period and try do a bit of walking. That will helps with your delivery.