Monday, March 29, 2010

My Pregnancy: Week 26 Check Up

Went for check up last Saturday (27/03/2010).

Appointment made on 2pm but only managed meet up with Dato' Doctor Roopi around 2:45pm even though not much customer.

Before meet up with doctor, as usual pass urine for testing and take the weight. This time urine result show that my sugar level was a bit high. I wonder what I eat cause my sugar level is high although I already very careful on my food intake.

For this check up, Doctor gave me 2 news, one was good news another was bad news (should I consider bad news first). Ok let talk about the good news first. Doctor told me my weight still under control as for her my size still look like carrying one baby instead of twins. Even this time urine tested my sugar level slightly high but is normal. She was very happy the way I taking care myself and my food intake. Another things was my both babies head already turn to correct position which mean by right I can go for natural birth but with one condition which is related to the bad news. 2 head sleep on baby 1 shoulder which make the baby 1 not happy with his position now and baby 1 keep giving space to baby 2. If baby 2 continuing sleep on baby 1 shoulder, when come to natural birth, doctor scare it might stuck halfway or harm both babies. Mean I need to go for c-sec or until one day baby 1 no more tolerant with baby 2, he will decide come out early (which I never hope for).

The only solution now was, hope the baby 2 head will sleep a side a bit and slightly move upward so the baby 1 have space when the time come. I know still have 14 weeks to go, and I need to keep telling baby 2 what should he do now. Hope he can really understand what I trying to tell him and mummy no need go for c-sec or early birth.

Daddy and Mummy love you both always.

Friday, March 26, 2010

Jenson Birthday

Yesterday was Jenson, 27 yrs old birthday.
Not much celebration, just a cake from his friend (we requested her special made one) and birthday song to him.

The special made Chocolate Cake.
Is just so chocolate (for my own personal view) and I like the strawberries on the cake...:p

Cutting cake.

Jenson said this years the biggest present he got for his birthday was from his lovely wife. Ya my new SIL. Why? Because the day before Jenson birthday, she go knock on people car and now his new city is in the Car Hospital already. (Heard from Brian the victim's car quit serious =__=")

Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Babies Super Active

Some simple update on my recently pregnancy.

Babies are super active nowadays, they can kick so hard inside until I can't even move or sit straight. Even night time, if I try to sleep a side, definitely both of them will start complain to me they are not comfortable. Keep kicking until I surrender by raising the white flag and turn back to normal position. The outcome: the next morning my backbone pain like hell. Try many way to solve the problem by putting small pillows, negotiate with babies so allow me to change position and so on...but I have fail, kind of restless and depress sometime.

Another part was, my belly. Seems it keep growing until sometime I feel that is going blast anytime. Even a small portion of foods also can make me feel like the lava is blasting out from the volcano, serious no joke. I need to bend a bit when walking if I have such condition else never hope I can stand up and walk.

Now is just 25 weeks and 5 days, still have a long way to go. I must overcome my fears and all the negative thinking before come to my due date. Hope I still be strong enough when the time come...phew, now only notice become a mother is not that easy.

Tuesday, March 16, 2010

My Pregnancy: Week 24

Some updates on my pregnancy:-

1. Babies keep kicking non-stop (if the movement to big, I will feel pain on it).
2. Belly keep growing bigger and bigger, sometimes make me hardly breath and claim my office staircase.
3. Start facing the edema problem, the condition of swollen ankles and feet (just recently). Guess drink too much of water.
4. Just recovered from the cough and flu virus. Really killing, cough until my muscle pain.
5. Backbone pain like hell, no joke. Sometimes when I get up early in the morning, the painess just like a knife cutting me.
6. Sometimes will feel a bit pain on the belly, mum said this is normal as my belly is growing.
7. Easy tired and sleepy always.



Oh ya, just bought the twins stroller, will update soon.
See ya.

Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Wish for Holiday


I am not suppose to have oversea holiday from now on. Brian even told me, we will be tight up with our babies at least 2 years.
WThs is when you having something special from GOD and you will loss something as well.

Wednesday, March 3, 2010

My Pregnancy: Photos Update

Hi all,
Here are few photos to update. Hope you all will enjoy it.

A 29 years old new mummy carrying with her almost 23 weeks tummy. Currently having twins and both babies gender also boy. Due date would be 30th of June 2010 if everything goes with schedule.

Tummy size = 37"
Butt size = 38"
Weight = 60.5kgs up to now.
Breast size = secret.

Thanks for Brian helping me take all this photos.
That all for today.
See ya.

Monday, March 1, 2010

My Pregnancy: Week 22

Went for check up on last Saturday, 27th of Feb 2010. Did a second 4D scan on baby 1 to check the heart and his kidney. So far everything is good just the 2nd baby kidney a bit big size. Doctor told me for baby boy is normal and the size of kidney will small back after baby come out.

Another news she gave me is the possibility of early birth is there for me and this make me worry on it. As for now I need to take new pills to control it and hopefully babies can stay inside my placenta until the 9 months and hopefully until my due date. Mummy and daddy not yet prepare all the staff for you both.

So far my weight is 60.5kgs which mean the whole process I gain around 7.5kgs. I can feel babies kicking me often not only night time now but sometime in the morning as well. Or when come to lunch time, maybe they alerting me is time for meal. Brian now like to lay down and keep notice on my tummy movement, if he got the luck, he will see babies kicking and is quit pain for me nowaday but still I enjoy it.

Hope my babies are doing fine and come out on time (not early birth)
Daddy Mummy Love You Both So Much