Thursday, April 30, 2009

Funny Funny Case

Funny Funny. What so funny?
Today I come across two cases.

Case 1
My sis send me an email, asked me what am I doing now and she is so boring in the office. I was like =_=". If you are boring, why don't you call me up like what you did for all the while. Why this time send through email? I think she really to free until want to chit chat through the internet by email not msn or HP.

Case 2
I don't want to mentioned who is the person. Just felt that don't simply lie to me ok. I know you got msn and I saw you on before, somemore in front of my face. When I asked "Do you have MSN", you dare to replied me you don't have and gave me excuses. Just don't know why got such person in this world. There is no harm for you give me your msn as I only want to send a file (big file size) to you for urgent case matter. You think I really want to chat with you....go to bed and dream for it.

Tuesday, April 28, 2009

M16 again

Really a bad start for today.
Early in the morning already been called by boss for short meeting and ofcourse no exception, scold by him because of ENGINEER again.
I really want to thanks them a lot to make my life so miserable.

Boss already instructed them do the report by themselve no matter how busy. Complete and pass up. Can't they really understand the meaning? Do you need me to explain and write down into a piece of paper and stick on each of your guys table. Why you guys like to drag all the works until up to my limit and I force to done it all myself just to easy my life. But end up, I am the one who got the M16 from my boss? He said is your guys duty not my work, don't help them do (Boss, I don't like drag the report as customer might need from us any time).

I shouldn't to be kind for them already. Now onwards, if you no submit up I just ask the boss directly talk to you.

I really mean it now.

Friday, April 24, 2009

Kuih Lompang

What did you have for today breakfast?
Milk, cereal, nasi lemak, noodle, biscuits or others?
As for me, I bought Kuih Lompang as my breakfast today :P

The colourful Kuih Lompang.
Rate: 6.5/10
Kuih Lompang is one type of Malay dessert in Malaysia. Normally serve with grated coconut. This also similar with the Chinese Bu Zai Kow.

Thursday, April 23, 2009

Pan Mee

Yesterday went to Restuarant Chong Hwa Curry House for dinner. The main foods is curry mee but since they are so famous now, they start to provide alternative foods like Chu Chong Fan, Nasi Lemak and Pan Mee. Lots of people will come from different place just because the curry mee and even tourist bus will bring those tourist come here to eat (I mean local one). Frankly, I didn't find any special on the curry mee, maybe my taste different from the others. I prefer the pan mee more.

Brian, waiting for the pan mee come.

Pan Mee from Chong Hwa Curry House.
Rate: 8/10

The curry tou fu pok.
Rate: 7/10

Wednesday, April 22, 2009

My Coach Bag

This is my first Coach bag.

A gift from Brian and already used more than 1 year.
Can you spotted the website that I'm surfing now? Coach Official site.

Back view, and the white color part start to get dirty. Shouldn't take the white color one.

And this what I thinking to have...USD398
No money buy, KIV first la

Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Secret Parcel

This morning received a secret parcel from someone.
Who? Will this my secret admire?
Knock! Knock! knock!
Better wake up now...don't ever dream of it, you married women...haha

OK. Let talk back the parcel I just received.

Is from my friend, AprilCherrie. All my order are safely arrived at my office. Josephine, finally all your mask with me.

See all the mask. I add fews new type of mask.
Can't wait to test it.

Monday, April 20, 2009

Sunday Activities

How was my Sunday?
Nothing special. Wake up around 9am but still rolled myself on the bed until 10am only get up to prepared myself for the breakfast at Susan's Curry House. Ya, finally I managed to had my Wan Tan Noodle..yum yum.

In the afternoon, head to my parent house meet up with my sister and her 2 cute daughter and son. Had 2 hours shop time at Kepong Jasco, got myself facial foam and facial scrub from Body Shop. 1 hour nap in my parent room until 5:30pm only went for dinner with them.

Reached Jenson western corner around 7pm...OMG, worked until can't feel my legs (too many customers come at the same time). Only get to relax after 9:15pm and I spotted something

What is this? A green colour fly?

OMG, isn't the size a little too bid for a normal fly? Half of my finger...@_@?
Actually is not a fly, a type of insect. Not sure the name, just know this type of insect can make a sound like crow and is very scary and noisy sound. Normally chinese call them 吱咋虫

After worked, try to do little light blue smokey was the result? Ok? I need to start try to improve my make up skill especially on eye part for my uncle wedding. Sorry for my messy eyebrow as i don't like to trim it...hahaha

And Brian yesterday told me he just came back from England for the semi-final match between Machester United and Everton. I was blur at first point, what does he mean just back from England? Then he showed me, he was there and taken Alex Ferguson photo...speechless...-_-"

The match.
Brian was so sad after the match as MU lost to Everton on penalty kick.
Penalty shootout 2 - 4, MU 2 and Everton 4

How was your Sunday?

Friday, April 17, 2009

My Random Talk

I having sore throat but this morning I ate nasi lemak with sotong (RM3.50, heart pain now). No joke, spicy food again. Am I really want to torture my throat or just wish for getting sick so I won't come for work? My plan today actually to buy WAN TAN MEE but end up I was late and just passed through the kopitiam this morning and wave my hand to the lovely breakfast...T_T

Finally I recycle out lots of rubbish from my tummy that make me feel heavy like a rock for the past 2 days. Damn, its really a lots compare the usual day. Maybe put too much foods to my mouth this fews night. Must control myself out away from the supper. I want to detox but I am lazy to do so -_-"

A big pimple pop up on my left face that make me feel unconfortable. Really make my eye pain and my hand so ichy now want to scratch it away but I know I can't. So just leave it on my face until the day it disappear itself. And I still had spicy food as breakfast.

I am so lazy this week to do mask. Always reach home around 10:30pm and after watched my drama until 12pm. Promise to myself, no matter how this coming sathurday and sunday I musk do mask.

I getting mad soon if keep sitting in this office. I hate the engineer as I am not those indo maid for you guys okie. Don't simply asked me do this and that. I got my own work to complete and please get away from me. The boss asked you do report and pass up to me. But you like to drag, boss chased me like held and I chased you like mad women, even is not my problem. You even dare to informed boss that there are nothing need to record for the pump case. I was like...WTF, I need to keep track and 100% sure customer will ask for the report soon. End up this morning, I wrote the report myself. This is your work ok, not mine. What for pay you that much if I do your work. Get lost. I having lots of pressure from the boss, please sit on my place then you will know how heavy was my duty as you think my post here is easy.

Luckily my boss will away for 1 week to our Vietnam branch. I am free again but I still need to face you guys.

I really want a holidays trip, anywhere also can. Just to relax myself and reduce my stress. But all this can't be real as we really need to help up Jenson business. Another reason also need to save up all my leave (10days/year) for year end. Planning for whole weeks holidays during Jenson wedding.

Hai, just feel tired and sleepy now

Thursday, April 16, 2009

The Blogger Awards

A blogger awards from Josephine.
Thank you

Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Restaurant Fatt Kee

Post for 12th of April 2009

Went for dinner together with my parent and sis. At first we thought want to have dinner at Gold Hill but 6pm only they will start to do business again and Brian and I can't wait until 6pm. We need to rush back to help up his brother, because Brian had fired the indo maid....-_-" due to certain reason (all of them are so happy after the indo maid gone)

So we had dinner at Restaurant Fatt Kee, located at Manjarala.

We are table No#33
Went here few times already. What we order?

The Soya Sauce Fried Fish
Rate: 9/10
Opinion: This dish is nice but one bad thing is the fish too small for 5 adults of us.

Portugis Style Squid and Prawn.
Rate: 10/10
Opinion: I like this so much. The sauce is enough sour when you mixed the sauce with white rice, damn delicious.

The tomato sauce fried pork
Rate: 8/10
Opinion: Ordered this beacuse of my nephew. He can't have his dinner without tomato sauce (what a weird kid). Not much fat found in the pork, I still can accept it.

Also ordered the mixed vege but found it not worth to talk over so only.

Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Tired Tuesday really was my tired Tuesday compare to the past. All because of a so call special guess going to stay at this floor for 3 months...I need to wash the dirtiest washroom in my office which located at third floor. Spiders’ web, dust, dirty shoe print (that I need to thanks to my stupid engineer) can be found anywhere. The best parts is our cleaning lady only will come to clean our office once every two weeks due to cut cost purpose. With no choice, I am the one who appointed to fulfill the duty assigned by them.
I hate this…..*_*
I take most of my morning time fight with the stubborn dust and sticky spiders’ web, washed the floor, cleaned up the room, prepared & arranged the furniture and etc…

Am I look like a cleaning lady for them? Is it because I'm the only gal in this office so I need to do all this?

Can someone give me answer?

And who is the guess?
Our company big boss partner son from Sibu. He is here for 3 months training and I will become baby sister coz I need to take good care of him.

Monday, April 13, 2009

Homemade Pizza

Yesterday was my first trial on the pizza making process together with my MIL. What flavor I try? Can't really specify here as mixed up lots of ingredients. maybe I should call it Jazz's Pizza...haha

Main ingredients:-
1. Onion and garlic.
2. Sausage.
3. Bacon
4. Chicken meat.
5. Pork.
6. Crap meat.
7. Pineapple
8. mushroom
9. Ready made pizza dough.

First, slice all the ingredients except the pizza dough. Then fry the onion, garlic, bacon, chicken and pork meat, and mushroom with some chili spice until golden colour.

Then preheat the oven for 30mins.
Put the pizza dough in the pot and apply some oil on top of the dough so it wouldn't dry up after bake.

Let me specify something over here. This pizza skindough is ready made, which mean baked and freeze. Just need RM5/pack and each pack have 5pcs pizza dough, so at the end just RM1/pc...isn't that easy compare to do it myself until the flour fly all over face.

Topping the pizza dough with all the fried ingredients.

Then put the pineapple on top of the ingredients.

Last put the mayoness, chili sauce and cheese on top of the others and ready to bake. If you want more cruncy, you can bake the pizza for 17mins else 12 to 15mins is more than enough.

The Jazz's Pizza...yum yum

Thursday, April 9, 2009

Black Pearl Mask

Black Pearl Mask

Suitable: All Skin Types,Dull-looking and Lack of Firmness Skin
Use: Moisturising, Whitening, Firming
Ingredients: Natural active ingredients of black pearls, pineapples, limes, cucumbers
Characteristics: Softens, whiten skin, restore skin’s resilience and radiance for use on normal skin.
1. Clean you face and wipe it dry.
2. Apply toner, then gently place the mask for 20 to 30 minutes.
3. Peel off the mask, tap the remaining essence all over your face. Do not need to rince with water.

Rate: 6.5/10
Opinion: Heard from my friend that this really whitening the black spot on the face after apply the mask (just one time only) but can't really see the effect. Maybe need to have fews trial only can see the result. Overall this mask is no sticky like other brands.

Little remarks:
Thinking wanna try the Sheseido Whitening Mask

Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Chicken Roller

My April Photo Collection

Chicken Roller, originally uploaded by jezalmy1981.

A creation from Little Jen Corner

1. Chicken drumstick
2. Mushroom, sweet corn seeds and french beans (roll together with the chicken drumstick)
3. Lettuce and carot (slice it as topping part)
4. Bacon (slice and fried it until golden color)
5. Some chicken bolognise source act as base part

How is the taste?
Rate: 7/10
Opinion: Ermm, what to said, Jenson created this chicken roller but is just like missing something lo. If the source (creamy cheese) can be more tasty a bit then I think is perfect. As for the base, I think should change to other type, if possible not the chicken bolognise. Because we already have the chicken roller as a main, shouldn't add any chicken as a base. Above just my point of view only. Any good suggestion?

Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Ouch is Hurt

My left eyelid had swollen. Happened on yesterday night after played with my niece. Just out of suddenly, felt that my eyelid ichy and scratch it...after 10 minutes, was swollen until today. I just feel that my eyelid is so heavy now... T_T.

Now, my eyes is not balance on my face....left eye swollen like pig and right side normal.

Monday, April 6, 2009


Went for dinner together with my parent yesterday. Usually every Sunday I will meet up with them, my sis and her 2 little kids. If lucky, I will meet up with my brother too as now hard to see him because the company send him to Ipoh for a project about 3 years

So, where we went?

Penang Lanta Seafood Restaurant.
Near Kepong Carrefour and behind the Happy Garden Hawkers Center.

We are table No# 8. Anyone want Tiger Beer.

While waiting for the foods come... let have some luck on the Big Sweep.

And chinese tea... I wonder why each time go out eat must order tea not others drink.

Here is my brother and Brian. Handsome?

Finally our foods ready to serve....

Thai Style Chicken.
Rate: 8/10
The chicken skin is cruncy.

Rate: 10/10
As I'm veges lover.

Steam Fish
Rate: 7/10
The waitress told us the fish steam in 3 different flavors but when the dish come, we only realise the meaning of 3 flavors....steam with onion leaf, onion, and fried onion..(-_-)". The lime is for us to squeeze into the soup...(frankly, the fish is so so only, no taste but the soup after mixed with lime, is another paradise).

Salad Prawn
They put mayoness instead off thousand island dressing...too sour and taste a bit weird

Friday, April 3, 2009

What Shape You Are?

Article from CLEO magazine.
Do you all know by seeing on the body shape can predict your health status and which fruits most accurate resembles your body shape?





So which shape you are? I fall into the pear shape group as my hip site bigger than my waist and upper part T_T. In here, I will touch only on the pear shape info.

Your Shape: your breast circumference is small to moderate, well-defined waist which just like a mermaid, widens out at the hips, bottom and thighs.

What this mean: the good news is that weight carried arround your bottom and tights is due to "subcutaneous" fat, which doesn't bump up your risk of heart disease, stroke and diabetes.

Diet: A higher protein diet suits you (eat more lean meats). Lemongrass or dandelion leaf teas can help reduce cellulite formation, as can plenty of water.

Lifestyle: go for a bigger lunch and breakfast and consider an wvening crab curfew. Never skip breakfast and eat regular meals to help stabilise blood sugar levels and boost your mood.

Exercise: upper body strenthening exercise will even out your shape. Lighter cardio work can help slim down your bottom half so consider walking or light jogging.

Dressing for pear shape

Dresses & skirt: go for styles that hug the waist and flare to an A-line. Avoid stretch skirts and stiff fabrics which stretch to your widest point.

Shirts & jackets: choose long tailored jackets or straight-kine cardigans that end close to the knee. Shirts with a V-neck help draw the eye upward away from your hips and thighs.

Jeans & trousers: go for bootleg jeans and choose waisted pencil-stlye trousers.

Thursday, April 2, 2009

Gundumsssss o_O

This is the collection that can be found in my ex-room. What ex-room? My ex-bf room...nope, actually this room used to be mine but after my sis and I married. The room fully occupied by my brother and now he is the King of the room.

What do I mean here? Now gonna show you all his collection of Gundums

What? Just all the boxes only....
Haha...don't play play. Do you know, this all really costly. The price range in from RM50 up to RM100++ over, from small to big. Siao can. My borther damn rich.

Part 1..

Part 2, more Gundums.

Here are some shots taken on the Gundums

Still lots to go but I just lazy to take them all. What I can said here is:-
"My brother pride my mother nightmare"

Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Aloe Mask

Happy April Fools' Day.

The Aloe Mask.

Suitable: All skin type, dry and damage skin.
Use: Moisurising and skin repairing.
Ingredients: Aloe (provides skin with adequate moisture content), rose (improve dry skin and rough skin texture) and amino acide.
Characteristics: Moisturizes, repairs, revitalizes and nourishes your skin.
1. Cleas your face with facial foam and wipe it dry.
2. Apply toner and gently place the mask on your face for about 20 to 30 minutes.
3. Peel off the mask and gently tap the remaining essence all over the face.
4. Do not need to rince with water.
5. You may apply dairy moisturizing product for better effect.

Rate: 8/10
Opinion: Hmmm, I can feel cool on my face during the whole process. The smell of this mask is not strong compare with the 3 types I used before. I feel the essence very thick (rich) or can be said they are kind to put lots of aloe essence into this mask. I remember my mum used to cut the aloe vera and squeeze the liquid out then apply on her face. Maybe this is the faster way to get our face more moisturize

Little remarks:
According to my friend, her MIL used continuously for few days. She felt that her face really moisturized by aloe mask after back from a China trip (skin got dry because of the weather there).