Monday, April 20, 2009

Sunday Activities

How was my Sunday?
Nothing special. Wake up around 9am but still rolled myself on the bed until 10am only get up to prepared myself for the breakfast at Susan's Curry House. Ya, finally I managed to had my Wan Tan Noodle..yum yum.

In the afternoon, head to my parent house meet up with my sister and her 2 cute daughter and son. Had 2 hours shop time at Kepong Jasco, got myself facial foam and facial scrub from Body Shop. 1 hour nap in my parent room until 5:30pm only went for dinner with them.

Reached Jenson western corner around 7pm...OMG, worked until can't feel my legs (too many customers come at the same time). Only get to relax after 9:15pm and I spotted something

What is this? A green colour fly?

OMG, isn't the size a little too bid for a normal fly? Half of my finger...@_@?
Actually is not a fly, a type of insect. Not sure the name, just know this type of insect can make a sound like crow and is very scary and noisy sound. Normally chinese call them 吱咋虫

After worked, try to do little light blue smokey was the result? Ok? I need to start try to improve my make up skill especially on eye part for my uncle wedding. Sorry for my messy eyebrow as i don't like to trim it...hahaha

And Brian yesterday told me he just came back from England for the semi-final match between Machester United and Everton. I was blur at first point, what does he mean just back from England? Then he showed me, he was there and taken Alex Ferguson photo...speechless...-_-"

The match.
Brian was so sad after the match as MU lost to Everton on penalty kick.
Penalty shootout 2 - 4, MU 2 and Everton 4

How was your Sunday?


Jen ® said...

haha jormai 5 chung yih trim eyebrow? trim hoi liang hao tor!

jezalmy said...

This got story, last time the xuan meng lo asked me better don't trim because can control my hubby...actually also i don't know how to trim myself and i dont like to trim away my eyebrow...hehe

Josephine said...

Must trim!
If not hor, u look sleepy geh, after trim, looks really different geh, especially in photos...

I attended my sister convo and also tried my wedding gown for outdoor pre wedding shoots...

Jen ® said...

waaa so superstitious..but "ling hor soon kei yau, bat hor soon kei mou"..hehe. if i were u hor..tar sei me also i wont trim..

jezalmy said...

Jen yalo...hahaha