Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Chicken Roller

My April Photo Collection

Chicken Roller, originally uploaded by jezalmy1981.

A creation from Little Jen Corner

1. Chicken drumstick
2. Mushroom, sweet corn seeds and french beans (roll together with the chicken drumstick)
3. Lettuce and carot (slice it as topping part)
4. Bacon (slice and fried it until golden color)
5. Some chicken bolognise source act as base part

How is the taste?
Rate: 7/10
Opinion: Ermm, what to said, Jenson created this chicken roller but is just like missing something lo. If the source (creamy cheese) can be more tasty a bit then I think is perfect. As for the base, I think should change to other type, if possible not the chicken bolognise. Because we already have the chicken roller as a main, shouldn't add any chicken as a base. Above just my point of view only. Any good suggestion?


Josephine said...

why no side dish geh?
Like fries or salad or bread?
Maybe can use spaghetti as base?

jezalmy said...

hmmm can consider also but hor when you finish the chicken roller already full liao wor

Jen ® said...

i think vege salad would be good.
got meat got vege, so healthy.
but for kwai lou, they normally serve together with baked potatoes/wedges besides the salad.

Doreen said...

Looks extremely yummy!