Thursday, April 2, 2009

Gundumsssss o_O

This is the collection that can be found in my ex-room. What ex-room? My ex-bf room...nope, actually this room used to be mine but after my sis and I married. The room fully occupied by my brother and now he is the King of the room.

What do I mean here? Now gonna show you all his collection of Gundums

What? Just all the boxes only....
Haha...don't play play. Do you know, this all really costly. The price range in from RM50 up to RM100++ over, from small to big. Siao can. My borther damn rich.

Part 1..

Part 2, more Gundums.

Here are some shots taken on the Gundums

Still lots to go but I just lazy to take them all. What I can said here is:-
"My brother pride my mother nightmare"


Josephine said...

wah! must be spending a lot on all that.
your husband leh? What he collects?
PSP and play station ar?

Jen ® said...

wahhhh!! your bro very 'seh tuck' to invest on gundams
*wing*$$$*wings* lol..

Doreen said...

Wah! So many. My ex (ya, ex bf) also into this kind of stuff. Hehehehe

jezalmy said...

Josephine: My hubby dont collect this kind of toy but he collect others, I show you next time

Jen: yalor...lots of $$$ fly liao lo but is not my money also...haha

Doreen: Really...I think mostly the guy like to collect this kind of thing one