Tuesday, April 28, 2009

M16 again

Really a bad start for today.
Early in the morning already been called by boss for short meeting and ofcourse no exception, scold by him because of ENGINEER again.
I really want to thanks them a lot to make my life so miserable.

Boss already instructed them do the report by themselve no matter how busy. Complete and pass up. Can't they really understand the meaning? Do you need me to explain and write down into a piece of paper and stick on each of your guys table. Why you guys like to drag all the works until up to my limit and I force to done it all myself just to easy my life. But end up, I am the one who got the M16 from my boss? He said is your guys duty not my work, don't help them do (Boss, I don't like drag the report as customer might need from us any time).

I shouldn't to be kind for them already. Now onwards, if you no submit up I just ask the boss directly talk to you.

I really mean it now.


Jen ® said...

min min 5 guan ngia suh tuh kena, jin heh cham :( ngam lak, from today onwards, 5 suh dui ai soi ngin an hao geh. cheer up ok. think of thursday. it's holiday *hyper*

jezalmy said...

Can't wait for Friday come but when think on sat need to work halfday no more mood liao