Tuesday, March 31, 2009

My Goodies

Here are some goodies found in my room for my face...ya all for my face....except one..hehe

Overall goodies.

My vitamin for the face. Just part of it taken.
Brand: Bioglo, Skin Food, Garnier, Neutrogena and Beauty Diary.

Dairy moisturizing product for my face. Is a must every morning and night.
Brand: The Body Shop, Loreal and Skin Foods.
What about the round silver ball? Is my only used perfume, from DKNY, apple flavor. OMG, never notice there is reflection of my ungly sytle....

Last all my make up products. Mostly used on the eye lid tape and pencil eyeliner. Others only used on special occasion.
Brand: The Body Shop, Loreal, Ettussius, Silky Girl, Maybeline, Shu Uemura, Za and others

Saturday, March 28, 2009

Blooming Season

Orchid, originally uploaded by jezalmy1981.

March Photos Collection. The blooming season

Friday, March 27, 2009

Yogurt Mask

Yesterday promised Josephine to try on the Yogurt mask from Beauty Diary. So I keep my promise to her by doing it at night. Guess what? Brian asked me why I mask again because I just done this on tuesday night. So I have to explain to Brian the purpose and he replied me: "Ohhh. Ok." and he continued his board game and me, of course continued to enjoyed my mask.

Yogurt Mask.

Suitable: All skin type, oily and enlarged pores skin.
Usage: Moisturising, oil control and refreshment.
Ingredients: natural active ingredients of black pearls. Pineapples, limes and cucumber.
Characteristics: Soften and whiten the skin. Restore skin's resilience and radiance for use on normal skin. Recommended for dull skin lacking elasticity
1. Clean the face with facial foam and wipe it dry. Apply toner and place the mask gently on the face. Leave it for 20 to 30 minutes.
2. Peel of the mask and gently tap the remaining essence all over the face. Apply moisturizing product.
3. Do not need to rince with water.

Rate: 9/10
Opinion: I'm so in love with this yogurt mask. It smell like candy or those Wall's rainbow ice-cream....just sweet!!! Feel cool on my face when I placed it at the first point. Later, feel that my skin been tighten up under the mask during the whole process. How about my pores? Did this really help? Okie, I can't give comment so fast as only first trial. What I can say here is, worth to try as it do resize my pores to be not so obvious.

Josephine, I think you gonna like this very much. Oh ya, regarding the pic for dot dot dot, not manage to do so as is late after the mask. Tonight take the shot and let you see and give me the opinion. Next, I try the Aloe Vera Mask for you arr.

Thursday, March 26, 2009

Jenson Birthday

Post for 25th March 2009

Was Jenson birthday day. Not really celebrate with him as we all need to work. My in law just brought us each set KFC for dinner and then went home cut the cake after work.

Jenson choose the cake together with my father in law. This year he turned to 27 years old and soon later will become husband of his beloved as November will be big day for both of them. Congratulation yerrr.

The chocolate cake. I wonder why always this flavor, kind of boring.

Group section. Sorry for the naked part from both of the Wong's guy (luckily my father in law no follow). Brian, you are so skinny here...stand besides you make me look fat liao tim. Please eat more.

Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Pearl Powder Mask

Got this from AprilCherrie. She is selling masks from the My Beauty Diary. Anyone interested do let me know.

Pearl Powder Mask

Suitable: All skin type, dull-looking skin and damage skin.
Usage: Whitening and moisturizing.
Characteristics: Soft, whiten, activates and nourishes skin. For the use of dull and damage skin.
ingredients: animo acid, trace element, vitamin B and seaweed.
1. Clean the face and wipe it dry. Apply toner then gently place the mask for 20 to 30 minutes.
2. Peel off the mask and gently tap the remaining essence all over the face.
3. You may apply some moisturizing product after mask to get more effective.

Rating: 7/10
Opinion: The smell like LUX for me. The moment I place the mask on my face, I can smell it and feel cool. I told Brian this was good and is really nice smell. Then he put his nose near my face and smell it...haha. Whitening? Not really can see the effect after the trial, maybe need to try few times then only can see the result. I still have one more sheet to go.

Tuesday, March 24, 2009

The Music Coinbox

A new promotion from KFC.

Brian so in love with the Music Coinbox and so do I. We went to KFC (Kepong Branch) yesterday night all the way from Gombak just to get this baby home. In my mind, already set the size of this coinbox should be big, but.... The moment I got it on my hand I was a bit disappointed of the size and the music is not so loud either when put in the coin. NVM, I still like it and will let fatty music coinbox meet up the two little piggy bank soon.

Here are the photos taken in my room...:P

Monday, March 23, 2009

Shocking Night

Yesterday night I was shocked and scared by Brian. He felt down and hit his both knees. At first point, I thought this was nothing serious, just like a normal fall down as we usually will face once a while. But seem that I am wrong because, Brian, unable to pull himself up at all. His face painted with the expression I never see it rest of my life. This really scared me and he told me he had no energy to move a single muscle on the both leg. My heart beat was so fast and try to massage his both leg so he can feel more comfortable. After few tries, at least he managed to move the legs a bit but he barely moved or turn his whole body. Settle down Brian with panadol and at least can sleep but in between he will feel pain whenever he try to turn his body and I need to help him up.

I can't really sleep the whole night, keep turning here and there.

This morning before I went to office. Checked on his condition again but he told me he still can't move and turn by himself. The worst part he told me that he can't feel his leg. I was so scared and worry that time, my tears drop down quietly. Gave a call to his brother (as no one at home) and checked where were him. He just about to reach home in another few seconds. Wait him in front of the gate and asked a favor from him to help me take care Brian until I'm back from office in a short while.

Luckily by 10:30am, Brian gave me a call and informed me that he was feeling better now and managed to walk but still can feel the pain from his leg. Thanks god. Nothing serious happened on him as I was scare maybe Brian hurt the inner muscle and need to do operation like my friend before.

Saturday, March 21, 2009

Blog from Flickr

Tien Hou Temple, originally uploaded by jezalmy1981.

A shot taken at Tien Hou Temple. Try to blog this photo from flickr.

Friday, March 20, 2009

The Power of Colour

Read this article from a local chinese newspaper yesterday night, found it interesting so just share over here.

The secret of 7 colours:-

1. Red = Perk up the spirit. Increse blood circulation.
2. Orange = bring up self confidence and courage. Improve depression and asthma.
3. Yellow = boost positive emotions. Improve digestion and constipation.
4. Jade Colour = Pucify nervous mood. Improve joint pain.
5. Green = Improve the flexibility on joints area. Speed up rehabilitation ability.
6. Blue = Decresss stress. Improve insomnia and blood pressure.
7. Purple = Increase learning ability. Lighten headache and anger.

Personally, I like green colour. I remember when I was small, my mum always teached us look at the trees, especially on the leafs part when we feel our eyes is pain.

Thursday, March 19, 2009

Deep Cleansing Mask

The Bioglo Clear Pore Deep Cleansing Mask

Advance deep cleansing mask with charcoal immediately adsorbsimputities as it clears clogged pores and dead skin cells. Every application leaves skin thoroughly cleansed and smooth. Weekly deep cleasing with ClearPore will help keep skin healthy, flawless and glowing with radiant clarity.

Apply a generous amount evenly onto cleansed skin. Leave on for 10-15 minutes or until mask is completely dry. Gently peel off. Follow through with toner and moisturiser. Use once or twice weekly.

For blackheads and whiteheads:
Clean the skin and apply on nose and chin.

For a weekly deep cleansing treatment:
Clean the skin and apply all over the face.

For problem prone skin on the back:
Clean the back skin and apply on the back area.

This is how the mask look like. Imagine walk around in the house with the black things on your whole face....

Rate: 5/10
Opinion: Frankly, not really like this product smell and not much effect after applied on the nose and chin. Can I said this doesn't work on my sturbon blackheads. I just know my nose was so pain when I try to tear off the dry mask...swear, never apply all over my face. I wonder when can I finish this whole bottle. Maybe I should try to apply on my back part to see how is the effect.

Monday, March 16, 2009

Tien Hou Temple

Post for 14th March 2009

Early morning went to Tien Hou Temple (天后宫) for my uncle (my father yougest brother) registration celemory. The celemory start at 9:30am but Brian and I reached there 9:40am. Ya we are late due to over sleep and miss out the most precious moment...haha. Anyway, I still manage to capture some photos from the Tien Hou Temple.

Friday, March 13, 2009

New Promotion

Another new promotion out from Pizza Hut, The Sensasi Delight Set.
We went on last saturday together with my sis and little 2 monsters. When we settle down, the waitress only passed us the Sensasi Delight Menu and walk away, we found out that the choices of this new set was limited. After a few flip on the menu, we deicided to try 3 flavors and add on the cris cut fries. Brian do asked the waitress who a question after we ordered:-

Brian: "Is Pizza Hut changed the menu"
Waitress: "Yes"
Brian: "Then how is the old flavor pizza? Is it no more?"
Waitress: "No, we still have."
Brian: "Then why you only passed us the Sensasi Delight Set menu?"
Waitress: "You didn't ask for it."

We was like....(-_-)".....

The mushroom soup. Taste worst, like the flour FOC from supplier.

Breadstix and Garlic Bread is included. Brian just add on the cris cut fries.

1. Bief Pizza (Brian ordered this)
2. Grecian Egg & Chicken Pizza
3. Stuffed Crust Pizza, not sure is it call Italian Chicken(cheese + ham + corn).

Frankly, the Grecian Egg & Chicken Pizza is tasteless, they just topping with some scrumble eggs and few slice chicken sausages. The Stuffed Crust Pizza even worst, sis and I almost vomit out after a bite. Taste a kind of medicine (red color type) that we use to have it when we are small.

Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Live Dance Party

Post for 8/03/09

Went for a Live Dance Party at Kepong Bremmall. This party was held by the Bremmall and the Party Gerakan to celebrate year 2009 Lady Day. Brian was one of the MC (he take part on Bahasa Malaysia).

We went there around 11:30am, take the coupons and head to the Kepong Kopitam (something like Old Town White Coffee) for our breakfast. Err, if possible, I won't go back there and eat as the food there not much choices and a bit tasteless.

Here is my breakfast. Claypot Yee Mee. Really you won't want to have a try.

The Soya Chin Chou.

After the breakfast, all of us back to the stage and be prepared for the show as will start from 1pm until 6pm. I can said that Brian was so nervous because this was his fist time become MC. He speak damn fast until I can't control myself of laughing on him. While as I mentioned, this was a Live Dance Party, so all the performance will dance until 6pm. They really can dance and you will be shock after knowing their age is double or triple of my age. Ofcourse in between there was lucky draw for them, 10 hampers and others product. Those aunty and uncle realy crazy with the lucky draw...(-_-)".

Free roses.


The Cowboy Dance.

Traditional Dance...do you notice. All performace by aunty.

The Belly Dance

Group Dance

Even Channel 8 also come to interview.

The camera man try to capture the nice moment.

Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Free Voucher

Another free voucher for me. Got this from Brian's friend last sunday....err, actually only first time meet up with this gal. She passed to my hubby 4pcs discount voucher, that lots okie. What voucher I got?

Here is the free 50% discount voucher.

Terms & Conditions:
1. Voucher valid till 8-5-09, upon presentation of original voucher.
2. Voucher is not valid with other promotions and discounts.
3. Voucher is not exchangeable with cash.
4. Free treament only valid woth purchase of any of above items.
5. We reserve the right to change or withdraw the promotion withou prior notice.

I wonder why they still give out this voucher while they had set the rules No.5. There is no point if they changes their mind to end this promotion early but if any of us who got this voucher decide to use it on April. Is this mean I have to call up and inform them I need to use this voucher by next month so please don't end this promotion early?

Friday, March 6, 2009


我的天啊! 今天以是来到期限的最后一天了. 我必须检查所有公司里面的电子板块和其它的配件, 然后明天就必须提交给我的老板.


从早上十点到现在的中午四点半,已经花费大半天的时间才可以顺利的把搜查工作画上句点. 好累啊! 中午吃的食物都报销给了那些可恶电子板块和其它的配件. 到现在都有一点头晕和有一种想呕吐的感觉. 如果是因为怀孕而呕吐,那我就无话可说. 但是为了搜查而感到呕吐就不值得. 因为那本来就不是在我的工作范围里, 为什么每次都必须又我来做.



回头一看, 还有很多小可恶在等我....妈妈,我想哭了(T_T).

Thursday, March 5, 2009

Nail Art

Start from tuesday i already stay at my parent house until friday. Why? Because Brian and I need to accompany my sis and the little two monsters due to my parent went for oversea (ya holiday again). Another reason for us to stay there is to take care the house and the plants at the balcony (mostly orchids).

Since I was free from the night work, got extra time for me to do the things I wish for long time ago. Hehe, grap my sis as my model again but this time is her toes.

The nail color and the shinning paper.

A picture before my work start.

Tada!! Here is my first trial, a bit simple and easy design.
Overall: 3/10

First clean off the toes and apply the silver nail color. Let it for few seconds then put the shinning paper on the toe according to your own design. After that, apply few layers of transparent nail enamel to avoid the design drop out from the toes.

Hehe next toes model gonna be my mother when she back from her holiday with my father. Will try on shining stone if possible.