Monday, March 23, 2009

Shocking Night

Yesterday night I was shocked and scared by Brian. He felt down and hit his both knees. At first point, I thought this was nothing serious, just like a normal fall down as we usually will face once a while. But seem that I am wrong because, Brian, unable to pull himself up at all. His face painted with the expression I never see it rest of my life. This really scared me and he told me he had no energy to move a single muscle on the both leg. My heart beat was so fast and try to massage his both leg so he can feel more comfortable. After few tries, at least he managed to move the legs a bit but he barely moved or turn his whole body. Settle down Brian with panadol and at least can sleep but in between he will feel pain whenever he try to turn his body and I need to help him up.

I can't really sleep the whole night, keep turning here and there.

This morning before I went to office. Checked on his condition again but he told me he still can't move and turn by himself. The worst part he told me that he can't feel his leg. I was so scared and worry that time, my tears drop down quietly. Gave a call to his brother (as no one at home) and checked where were him. He just about to reach home in another few seconds. Wait him in front of the gate and asked a favor from him to help me take care Brian until I'm back from office in a short while.

Luckily by 10:30am, Brian gave me a call and informed me that he was feeling better now and managed to walk but still can feel the pain from his leg. Thanks god. Nothing serious happened on him as I was scare maybe Brian hurt the inner muscle and need to do operation like my friend before.


Doreen said...

Oh my god. Hope Brian is feeling better now. I still think better go see doctor leh.

jezalmy said...

I asked him many many times but he refuse to do so...hai

Josephine said...

don wan see doctor, at least see "tit da"

take care!