Thursday, March 19, 2009

Deep Cleansing Mask

The Bioglo Clear Pore Deep Cleansing Mask

Advance deep cleansing mask with charcoal immediately adsorbsimputities as it clears clogged pores and dead skin cells. Every application leaves skin thoroughly cleansed and smooth. Weekly deep cleasing with ClearPore will help keep skin healthy, flawless and glowing with radiant clarity.

Apply a generous amount evenly onto cleansed skin. Leave on for 10-15 minutes or until mask is completely dry. Gently peel off. Follow through with toner and moisturiser. Use once or twice weekly.

For blackheads and whiteheads:
Clean the skin and apply on nose and chin.

For a weekly deep cleansing treatment:
Clean the skin and apply all over the face.

For problem prone skin on the back:
Clean the back skin and apply on the back area.

This is how the mask look like. Imagine walk around in the house with the black things on your whole face....

Rate: 5/10
Opinion: Frankly, not really like this product smell and not much effect after applied on the nose and chin. Can I said this doesn't work on my sturbon blackheads. I just know my nose was so pain when I try to tear off the dry mask...swear, never apply all over my face. I wonder when can I finish this whole bottle. Maybe I should try to apply on my back part to see how is the effect.


Doreen said...

Is this a Taiwanese brand?

jezalmy said...

Yes. Is a Taiwan Brand. Soon I will blog another brand of mask from Taiwan also... can't wait to try it out

Josephine said...

I used their oil control product before. Not bad...

jezalmy said...

Ermm, I never try on the oil control product, just try this out recently