Thursday, March 5, 2009

Nail Art

Start from tuesday i already stay at my parent house until friday. Why? Because Brian and I need to accompany my sis and the little two monsters due to my parent went for oversea (ya holiday again). Another reason for us to stay there is to take care the house and the plants at the balcony (mostly orchids).

Since I was free from the night work, got extra time for me to do the things I wish for long time ago. Hehe, grap my sis as my model again but this time is her toes.

The nail color and the shinning paper.

A picture before my work start.

Tada!! Here is my first trial, a bit simple and easy design.
Overall: 3/10

First clean off the toes and apply the silver nail color. Let it for few seconds then put the shinning paper on the toe according to your own design. After that, apply few layers of transparent nail enamel to avoid the design drop out from the toes.

Hehe next toes model gonna be my mother when she back from her holiday with my father. Will try on shining stone if possible.


Josephine said...

For toe nails, it will look nicer if u use a darker shade...

jezalmy said...

Ya, after I done it, a bit regret on the color I choose. WIll bear in mind. Thanks gal

Doreen said...

Can do my toes too? How much you charge? Hehehehe. Ya agree with Josephine, darker colours would be quite nice.