Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Live Dance Party

Post for 8/03/09

Went for a Live Dance Party at Kepong Bremmall. This party was held by the Bremmall and the Party Gerakan to celebrate year 2009 Lady Day. Brian was one of the MC (he take part on Bahasa Malaysia).

We went there around 11:30am, take the coupons and head to the Kepong Kopitam (something like Old Town White Coffee) for our breakfast. Err, if possible, I won't go back there and eat as the food there not much choices and a bit tasteless.

Here is my breakfast. Claypot Yee Mee. Really you won't want to have a try.

The Soya Chin Chou.

After the breakfast, all of us back to the stage and be prepared for the show as will start from 1pm until 6pm. I can said that Brian was so nervous because this was his fist time become MC. He speak damn fast until I can't control myself of laughing on him. While as I mentioned, this was a Live Dance Party, so all the performance will dance until 6pm. They really can dance and you will be shock after knowing their age is double or triple of my age. Ofcourse in between there was lucky draw for them, 10 hampers and others product. Those aunty and uncle realy crazy with the lucky draw...(-_-)".

Free roses.


The Cowboy Dance.

Traditional you notice. All performace by aunty.

The Belly Dance

Group Dance

Even Channel 8 also come to interview.

The camera man try to capture the nice moment.


Josephine said...

I know the new Brem Mall, but never been there.
My sis said the car park is so dark, and not much shops, so she asked me not to go...

Doreen said...

So were you an MC too or just there to accompany Brian?

jezalmy said...

ya..there got Metro Jaya and reject shop. Ohters not worth to go but there got Wong Kok Char Chan Teng le, bowling centre, Family Karaoke and etc

I just accompany my tired and bored