Tuesday, March 31, 2009

My Goodies

Here are some goodies found in my room for my face...ya all for my face....except one..hehe

Overall goodies.

My vitamin for the face. Just part of it taken.
Brand: Bioglo, Skin Food, Garnier, Neutrogena and Beauty Diary.

Dairy moisturizing product for my face. Is a must every morning and night.
Brand: The Body Shop, Loreal and Skin Foods.
What about the round silver ball? Is my only used perfume, from DKNY, apple flavor. OMG, never notice there is reflection of my ungly sytle....

Last all my make up products. Mostly used on the eye lid tape and pencil eyeliner. Others only used on special occasion.
Brand: The Body Shop, Loreal, Ettussius, Silky Girl, Maybeline, Shu Uemura, Za and others


Josephine said...

i have no eye shadow!
I need one badly!!
Must get one this weekend! I need a white eyeliner as well!!!

u got a lot of "gah cang!"

Jen ® said...

gee you very pandai jaga face *thumbs* i'm not good in applying make-ups, i normally put mascara, blusher and lip gloss only. never buy any eye shadow pun cause dunno how to apply it *shame*

jezalmy said...

Do tell me the effect of white eyeliner..me plan of one also

jezalmy said...

Jen: me buy because like the color...hardly use the eye shadow...now learning it. And I dun know why hor, I like mask a lot lo

Doreen said...

Wah, so many, can finish or not? Hehehehe. If want to get white eyeliner, suggest get those white shimmering one and use at the inner corner of the eyes to immediately liven up your face!