Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Happy Birthday Tan

Last saturday, we celebrate one of our engineer birthday. Actually I don't know was his birthday until my boss called me up before he fly to China (business trip) on last tuesday and requested me to order a cake. This time request a bit weird, my boss want me order a cake with handphone shape. The engineer give a sign to my boss that better present him a handphone, but he didn't specify clearly is a real handphone so my boss said a handphone cake should be more than supprise. What a greedy engineer and what a naughty boss, right! The cake must be the latest nokia series handphone. OMG....how I gonna do it and this will be a bit costly (my boss always use this word "cut cost"). So, I end up another design for the cake which cost me cheaper and also the cake will be the latest nokia handphone series. How I do it? Please welcome the cake......

This how is the cake look like. Simple, just draw a latest Nokia N95 on it and present to my engineer. You see, a nokia for him and this time can eat into stomach. Half kgs and only cost RM36. Cheap can.

This how the cake look like with the candle on.

Happy birthday to you, Mr.Tan.


Josephine said...

i tot it was going to be a 3D cake tim...
RM36 only!!!
Very cheap lor
nice ar?

Doreen said...

The cake looks very cute wor. Just the right theme for an engineer. hahaha

Leeya Asuri said...

can i order one? =p

jezalmy said...

Josephine: 3D cake damn costly la..haha. So just draw a colorful handphone on the cake lor.

Doreen: Too bad the engineer didn't really go specify the handphone he want is real not a cake..haha.

Leeya Asuri: Hoho...can can, give me the address, i ask them deliver to you.