Thursday, February 26, 2009

Snatch Case

We got a horrible night for yesterday on my bro-in-law western corner. Things happened just in few minutes, it was fast until no action can be done during that time. Why would I said so?

Okie, yesterday there was 2 lady guess came to our shop and ordered 2 dishes and was around 6pm. Both of them sit at outside where normally people like. Is still normal, customer come and go but yesterday a bit quiet. Around 8:30pm, if not mistaken, that time there will another 2 tables of guess at outside. My father in law will sitting with his friend at 1 of the tables chit chat and somemore just next table to the 2 ladies. Out of suddenly, we heard a loud screem and a bang sound like car knock each other and follow a damn rush motorcycle pass through our shop. And one of the lady screem and run outside. What a shock! Then only knew that her bad been snatched by the snatch thief. How this could happened?

According to the lady, she was chatting with her friends and suddenly she felt her handbag been pull by something. Automatically she grap her handbag then saw another hand was pulling her handbag away from the seat. So she screem and pull back the bag but within another second, the snatch thief managed pull the bag out from her hand and knock the flower pot then jump up to his partner motorcycle that already waited him outside and run away. All of us run out and see what happened included those (8por 8 gong from opposite shops). We didn't aware there was a motorcycle waiting outside as they come without any sound, maybe they off the engine, I guess. The best part is, the lady is from Taiwan and come here for holiday and at the same time for some business purpose. Her friend, also from Taiwan but married to Malaysian bring her up to our shop for nice dinner. Now unexpected things happened, all her indentification card, passport, 2 hp, RM4000++ and the apartment access card in the bag had be snatched away. What to do, who asked her put the bag on the chair not on her own seat.

Two of them keep blaming and asked us did we saw the motor plate number. How we can remember as they ride so fast. If we know there is any suspicious person out there, ofcourse we will alert our customer. Funny part was, one of the shop owner from opposite road said that she saw the snatch thief already round 10 times to observe. OMG, if you know why not informed early, wait until this thing happened only jump out and tell us all this. It really too late and really thanks for her information. If really not safe nowaday at our area. Last 2 months already heard there was a case, a gang of snatch thief go rob a gang of people who sitting inside the MAMAK shop. You see even sit inside the shop also can't avoid. Is better be extra careful now when go anywhere. If possible, gals don't bring along the handbag, try to put those neccessary card and some money into a small pouch and put inside pocket. If no choice, just carry the bag like carry a baby in front of your chest.

Hope this will be last snatch case at our area.


Josephine said...

I carry plastic bags or paper bag nia whenever i am in Malaysia.

Got branded wallets also dare not to use yam gung...

If i really need to carry bag, i will carry my school bag. and I carry it in front, just like carrying baby.

Malaysia... why u so scary???
How to come back like that?
Government, pls do something...

jezalmy said...

You don't see now the government is busy with some others unneccessary things to fight a lot in the parliment because all the rubbish topic. They never really concentrate what happen to the citizen and the economy now.

Doreen said...

This is just plain scary. Everytime I go back, I will always try to down-dress myself and be extra careful with my handbag.