Monday, May 28, 2012

My Boys Turning 2 Soon

Is been long not updating my blog. So now I decided to start back my blogging life.

After become twins mummy, hardly have time for me to do my own stuffs. Example, shopping, facial, hair treatment, photographing, blogging and so many more. All my times had been attached with my little 2 monster but I will never regret bring the two of them into my life. In other way, I should said thanks to my lovely boys of giving me a chance to open my new chapter.

Is a challenge for me. Sometimes I just lost control throwing temper on them if both of them being super evil until up to my limit (well I can consider myself a very nice and gentle mum). For the past one year I always have fight with my hubby because of my boys as my hubby was not always with us after he became the coach. All the times I am the one who face to face deal with my boys. But most of my times, my mum and sister will help me.

From new born until now soon become 2 years old boy. They had went through lots of process and they mean so much for me.

For eldest one, Edmund. He is cheeky but very selfish. Not really like to share the toys with his only brother. Whatever the toys he want, he sure direct grab it and never let go. Even I had tried so hard to teach him on how to share the toys with others. Is quit headache to correct his bad attitude but I trying hard now, at least sometimes he will take other toys exchange with his brother instead of grabbing directly. How bout the size? Well he is quit smaller size compare to his brother and even lighten than his brother but overall is still on progress. Health? He is a bit weak on lung as he had record of admitted into Hospital during 4th months old due to lung infection. So when he start coughing this will be nightmare for me as it will take a least a month or more to get him recover.

For the youngest, Edwin. He is the trouble maker come with lots of cute acts. If he not throwing temper, he really a funny boys and always come out lots of acting to make us laugh. Once the fire is on, I swear you will never tolerate with his temper. For the size, of course bigger than the brother, Edmund and Edwin,he really a non-stop eating machine. Health? Stronger but little skin sensitive like me but not serious type.

Now both of them can said simple single words but Edwin can said more words compare to Edmund. Even both of them can scold me back by using their language...what a poor me T_T.

They are angle for me no matter how naughty they are....always the diamond in my eye.

Edmund, Edwin mummy always love you.