Tuesday, June 30, 2009


FOC from mum, bought me 1 pack of cherries, 1 pack of strawberries and 1 pack of nectarine.

The Cherries. Always my favorite.
Cherries contact lots of vitamin A, C, Bioflavonoids, Ellagic Acid, Perillyl, Anthocyanins and Melatonin. Cherries also can help on lossing weight because cherries are low in calories, low in fat and contain a high percentage of water.
Benefits of cherries:-
1. Help fight cancer
2. Aid in prevention of heart disease
3. Relieve Pain of Arthritis, Gout, Headaches
4. Ease the symptoms associated with Fibromyalgia Syndrome
5. Provide a healthy and safe way to produce melatonin
6. Improve physiological and mental functions

White flesh nectarine. Super flesh and sweet.
Nectarines provide very good sources of vitamin C, Carotenes, Potassium,Flavonoids, and Natural Sugars. Nectarines are low in calories with no sodium or cholesterol.
Benefits of nectarine:-
1. Maintaining optimum health
2. Weight loss

Monday, June 29, 2009

Cheap Price

Bought this at morning market and just cost me RM25. The quality was ok at least when I wear this shirt I feel comfortable (I was very choosy on the fabric type).

Friday, June 26, 2009

What a Friday

Sure everyone will enjoy their Friday as can go for happy hour after work. For me, Friday is normaly. Nothing special for the past of my life when the fisrt time step into this industry world (sat need to work). But today a bit different, something had happened

Case 1.
Early in the morning heard from radio that Michael Jakson, the Pop-King die. What a lost as the way he dance is amazing even until now still no one can beat him down. I'm not a fan for Michael Jackson but have a chance listen his song and watch his music movie since young time (mum collected some of his tapes). What I remember is "Beat It". He has his strong and unique personality that no one can copy, non of them and his is the icon in this music indusrty.

Case 2
Accidently pour all the sotong samba on my light pink khakis pant. Was heart pain now...T__T. Now even after wash it, still, the samba marks can be found on my pant, everywhere. I will not go out from the office, I don't want people think that I'm wearing a old smelly pant to work.

Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Our House Almost Done

Went to see our new house progress. Is almost done by the developer even the last row already started built the frame out. I still remember we went for the launch last year and that time just have 2 show units from the developer and now after 1 year ++, all are almost 90% done. Wall was painted, window is on, gate was up and etc. Now is time for us to save up some money for new furnitures and some simple reno. In my plan, my room there I want a balcony to hang up all the orchid plants and put a small coffee table (Brian like to drink coffee) so both of us will have a private zone in the house (note: the whole family will move in). next year June we will be able get the house key or maybe early than June.

Our house. So warm now.


Monday, June 22, 2009

A celebration of Father Day

Post for 21th of June 2009

Celebrated at Babylon Cafe. This was the second time visited this Cafe..environment there quit Ok as still new I guess. Foods here are delicious but one thing is the service is not that good. The dishes need to take quit long time to serve. We waited for half hour for our food even though we are the only customer in the shop. They serve the dish one by one...first dish finished only come the second...=__=". After complained only all our foods come...sigh.

The had add some new dishes.

Looking at the Menu thinking of what to eat.

Waiting for the foods and drinks come.

Ice Lemon Plum. Is super sour even my brother love sour also cannot stand it.
Price: RM4.90

Ice Logan Honey. Always Brian favorite, not bad.
Price: RM6.90

Peach Apple Smoothies. My fahter ordered this. When I take this photo, Brian try to show his eating face.
Price: RM6.90

Apple Lemon. Actually we ordered the Blue Lemon but the boy key in wrongly.
Price: RM6.90

Potato Wedges.
Price: RM4.90 (Small)

Mamic Chicken Chop with rice. According to my father, is delicious.
Price: RM10.90

Mini bun with tuna. Come with the chicken chop rice. Look so cute lo

Deep Fried Noodle. Brian never get bored with the noodle. Last we came, he ordered this now also the same dish. Frankly, quit delicious lo the noodle.
Price: RM6.90

Cheezy Chicken Chop. My brother want the Deep Fried Crispy Chicken with thai sauce but Brian accidently ordered this for him. The fied egg cover by the cheese and put on top of the chicken. My father super like this dish and his eye keep looking on the chicken when my brother eating. End up my brother passed the whole dish to him and he ordered the Deep Fried Crispy Chicken with thai sauce. hahaha.
Price: RM12.90

Mozzarella Ham Chicken Chop. Three of us ordered (sis, mum and I) the same dish. Ham covered by cheese again and the chicken serve with a kind of BBQ source.
Price: RM13.50

Friday, June 19, 2009

Fish for lunch

Don't ask me what is the name of the fish I ate and please don't ask me price either. As I just know how to eat the fish and digest it..hoho

My mum cooked and packed inside the tupperware. She know I miss her cook so much...thanks mum, the fish is super delicious...thumb up

Thursday, June 18, 2009

Restaurant Hei Yong Sing

Went this place last few weeks. Now only manage to blog the food up as I was super busy...:P

Foods here are not bad and the manager are friendly. Environment in the restaurant is good at least clean and the deco is nice (forget to take a pic on the deco). Besides at the entrance, they made a fish pool so the kids can hang around there.

Emmm. How to call this dish in english...let me think first....
Braised Pork.
Rate: 8/10
Opinion: I like source not the pork...haha. Ok, the meat is fresh and I got try few bites on it, not bad.

The steam bread.
Rate: 10/10
Opinion: Super soft. Eat with the braised pork source are super delicious. Cannot gt my mouth away from it..I ate alot...haha

Here is the
Sweet and sour fish. This dish is made by the fish body part. How about the head, tail and the boarn part?
Rate: 9/10
Opinion: Can be the kids appertizer. Becuase the source itself taste sweet and sour, you can take the source and mixed up with the rice. Sure the kids will like it alot and finished the rice without a single waste. The meat part guaranty no borns, so no need worry for the kids.

remain parts from the fish. They boiled together with spanish and salty fish. Super delicous on the soup part.
Rate: 10/10

Opinion: taste good, the prawn fry with the almonds slice and the source taste a bit sour.

Now only I relize we didn't ordered any vegetable...haha

Tuesday, June 16, 2009


I hate when I fall sick. It doesn't mean I can apply any sick leave in this company. Yet, still need to rush for my design deadline. My boss expecting to see all the design by tomorrow morning. How am I suppose to finish it on time when I was in deep shift of flu and cough. Really killing me when 2 virus attack me at the same time and my leg are so sore now due to overload on last sat and sunday.

Now I just wish the virus go away and I manage to finish up all the design on time.

Monday, June 15, 2009

Precious Time

Yesterday was my uncle big day. Lots of relatives came for the wedding from outstation. Is been quit a long time we didn't meet each other or can I said we hardly see each other after my grandfather passed away long time ago.

Me, my aunty and my sis.

My aunty, all the way from Johor Bharu to attend her youngest brother wedding.

Three pretty ladies. My mum was her nanny since she came to this world. We are like sisters already.

Sis and me

Brian and me

My parent.

My uncle, all the way from Negeri Sembilan. He is a good man. When we was young, we always wait for him to climb up the mango tree. For what reason: ofcourse for the sweet mango lo...haha

My only brother, back from Ipoh. Hardly meet up with him, because he now based at Ipoh for a project about 3 yrs. Miss him alot.

Brian sang a song for me last night. Thanks Darling.

My uncle & new aunty.

All the aunties. Most of them are from outstation.

Friday, June 12, 2009

Butterfly Park

Visited the Butterfly Park last Sunday. Actually is quit near to the Bird Park. Frankly, if they put more butterfly species then I think this will be more attractive....("just my point of view")

Thursday, June 11, 2009

KL Bird Park - Part 3

All about random photos taken by me.

Welcome mini mountain

The Eagles

Owls. I find them very cute especially the two little owls...so cute


Peacocks. Like the colour, so sharp.

No idea what is the name for this bird.

Sacred Ibis

The Yellow-billed stork.

The Flamigo

We also can find the Education centre inside the Bird Park. Here they show how the chic hatch out from the egg.

And here all the chics will display inside the rectangle plastic box