Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Muar Sky + Antenna

Seriously, nothing special or different for the sky of Muar and KL. Is the same, blue sky with white cloud. But if you notice, you will find out most of the house will have a very long antenna on the roof. The height of the antenna is around 2 storey house. According to my uncle, the antenna is use to receive the Singapore programs and is FOC. I can't believe it even at Muar also can do this, what I know is, I can find all the long antenna at Johor Bharu site (more near to Singapore). Really envy because can watch the Singapore dramas with FOC.

Muar sky and can you spot the long antenna.

Here is the long antenna I mentioned. Almost each house will have one of this antenna.


jen said...

why they need so tall punya antenna lehh?

jezalmy said...

jen, the long antenna is to receive Singapore programs one (FOC)