Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Parrot (KL Bird Park - Part 2)

Parrot A: "OMG, look at you, there is something stick on your body. Let me clean up for you."
Parrot B: "OMG, why don't you comb the hair before take photo. Let me comb for you."
Parrot in the middle: "TQ"

After cleaning, lets line up for a group photo.

You don't try to get near me or else I will give a parrot kick on your face as breakfast.

Hey, if you want to take my photo then please let me clean my mouth first.

Oh please. I forget to put on my make up. Don't take my photo as yesterday just slept for few hours, my dark circle make me look like panda now.

Man, we will be very happy if you pour some water for us.

My sister not scare the parrot will shit on her shirt but scare the parrot will bite her. As my second finger was bite by the parrot until bleeding (just little only)

Gosh, the sunflower seeds are so yummy. Can I have more?

I am so hungry, any foods here?

Yummy, the banana taste sweet.

I think the parrots like my father a lot else they wont gather at my father hand.

The white parrot. is was so hard for me to capture the photos as they keep fly away


Doreen said...

They are such a gorgeous creatures. Any of them talk?

jezalmy said...

No, none of them can talk

Arrowouiz said...

The blue and red parrots looked cool ~ Love them very much !! The white parrots is gorgeous too !! Which one you like most ?

jezalmy said...

I like all even they bite me.. the parrots is just beatiful birds

jen said...

i love those parrots!! see their colors so nice..

my uncle got bela one, very pandai cakap one. another thing horr, his parrot is not locked inside the cage wan and it doesn't fly here and there de..

Josephine said...

too many birds!
I scared of bird flu...