Tuesday, June 30, 2009


FOC from mum, bought me 1 pack of cherries, 1 pack of strawberries and 1 pack of nectarine.

The Cherries. Always my favorite.
Cherries contact lots of vitamin A, C, Bioflavonoids, Ellagic Acid, Perillyl, Anthocyanins and Melatonin. Cherries also can help on lossing weight because cherries are low in calories, low in fat and contain a high percentage of water.
Benefits of cherries:-
1. Help fight cancer
2. Aid in prevention of heart disease
3. Relieve Pain of Arthritis, Gout, Headaches
4. Ease the symptoms associated with Fibromyalgia Syndrome
5. Provide a healthy and safe way to produce melatonin
6. Improve physiological and mental functions

White flesh nectarine. Super flesh and sweet.
Nectarines provide very good sources of vitamin C, Carotenes, Potassium,Flavonoids, and Natural Sugars. Nectarines are low in calories with no sodium or cholesterol.
Benefits of nectarine:-
1. Maintaining optimum health
2. Weight loss


jen said...

ai jak nectarine kong tung far hiam makkai? jin heh koryi gam fui eh? ngai hao kit sim, ngai put on 10kgs since the past 2 years :(((

Josephine said...

All also I like!

Cherries are nice but i too kiamsiap to buy, cos it is too expensive...

That day i bought a small box of Blueberries, I heartache until now....

jezalmy said...

Jen: I also dun know how to call in cantonese, just know is like peach but smaller a bit. Cherries also can loss weight one.

Josep: once a while only ma, this also want to save mer. Must treat urself a bit better

Doreen said...

Cherries are very addictive to me, once I start eating, I can't stop. LOL