Monday, June 22, 2009

A celebration of Father Day

Post for 21th of June 2009

Celebrated at Babylon Cafe. This was the second time visited this Cafe..environment there quit Ok as still new I guess. Foods here are delicious but one thing is the service is not that good. The dishes need to take quit long time to serve. We waited for half hour for our food even though we are the only customer in the shop. They serve the dish one by one...first dish finished only come the second...=__=". After complained only all our foods come...sigh.

The had add some new dishes.

Looking at the Menu thinking of what to eat.

Waiting for the foods and drinks come.

Ice Lemon Plum. Is super sour even my brother love sour also cannot stand it.
Price: RM4.90

Ice Logan Honey. Always Brian favorite, not bad.
Price: RM6.90

Peach Apple Smoothies. My fahter ordered this. When I take this photo, Brian try to show his eating face.
Price: RM6.90

Apple Lemon. Actually we ordered the Blue Lemon but the boy key in wrongly.
Price: RM6.90

Potato Wedges.
Price: RM4.90 (Small)

Mamic Chicken Chop with rice. According to my father, is delicious.
Price: RM10.90

Mini bun with tuna. Come with the chicken chop rice. Look so cute lo

Deep Fried Noodle. Brian never get bored with the noodle. Last we came, he ordered this now also the same dish. Frankly, quit delicious lo the noodle.
Price: RM6.90

Cheezy Chicken Chop. My brother want the Deep Fried Crispy Chicken with thai sauce but Brian accidently ordered this for him. The fied egg cover by the cheese and put on top of the chicken. My father super like this dish and his eye keep looking on the chicken when my brother eating. End up my brother passed the whole dish to him and he ordered the Deep Fried Crispy Chicken with thai sauce. hahaha.
Price: RM12.90

Mozzarella Ham Chicken Chop. Three of us ordered (sis, mum and I) the same dish. Ham covered by cheese again and the chicken serve with a kind of BBQ source.
Price: RM13.50


Arrowouiz said...

WOW ~ The dish so attractive !! I want to try on Ice Logan Honey ...Peach Apple Smoothies and Apple Lemon ... And have a bite on Mamic Chicken Chop ...Cheezy chicken chop and Mozzarella Ham Chicken Chop ... I SO HUNGRY !!! But now only Maggie Mee with me ..

Doreen said...

How come everyone looks so "sien" like that? Getting annoyed waiting for the food to come I take? Hehehehe

Josephine said...

since when u can drink ice geh?

jen said...

the apple lemon nice or not? i like the color combination =P

jezalmy said...

Arrowouiz: the foods there can consider tasty and not bad. Can try but one thing no good is have to wait for so long.

Doreen: yalor, we started to get annoyed of waiting.

Josep: I no drink ice, all not belong to me one

Jen: Brian said taste good for the apple lemon

Josephine said...

Then what did u order for drinks?
Actually i think cold drinks can take geh, only ice cube cannot take only...

Brian said...

u all came to KL n i can bring u go n have a try.we like to eat nice n delicious food.But i hate the poor services they provide,i will skrew them like hell.I paid i should get the services if not they just deduct out they services charges.

jezalmy said...

Josep: i drink the honeydew withou ice....haha