Monday, June 8, 2009

New Hair Style, New Life, New Beginning

Yup. I changed my hair style on last saturday at Kimarie, Kepong Branch. Actually I didn't plan for it, just out of suddenly Brian asked me whether I want to go genting for some cool air or we both go cut our hair. Since is been so long for me keeping long hair and a kind of boring with the old style. I decided to take the second offer.

This is my long hair look (after 1 year rebonding). Seriously, my hair look really messy, or can say that the bird nest is on my head...super urgly.. I just 27 and soon turn to 28 this november but in the picture make me look really old. For you all information, I can't keep my long hair without rebonding, my hair super thick and i got natural big curl (top part only).

Place: Kimarie
Price: RM318 (Senior Stylist Package)
Senior Stylist: Apple

Side view.
My mum said that I look younger than last time. Some even said I look like school girl. Overall, quit satisfy with my new hair style

Benefits keeping short hair:-
1. save up shampoo, use little portion will be enough
2. at the same times mean save up money for buying shampoo frequently.
3. easy to maintain and fast drying compare with long hair
4. less chances for me look for the hairs which drop on the floor.
5. look more younger


jen said...

wow you so seh tuck to cut your long hair. you look fresh and young with your new hair, very cute also, i like *thumbs up*

long hair also i like cause got 'lui yan mei' hehe.

now your husband still keeping his misai? i think horr, he has to shave his misai liao to match your young look =P

Josephine said...

Look 10 years younger!

Now even look like school gals!

jezalmy said...

Jen: when I get bored and tired with my long hair, i definitely will cut it short. if feel want back long hair, then keep back lo..haha. If you want Brian remove all his misai, i think this will not gonna happen at all...he like his misai alot...muahaha

Josep: TQ TQ

Brian said...

i already shave my misai lorrrrrrr

Doreen said...

Yes, definitely look much younger. But to be honest with you, I prefer you with long hair, more lady-like and attractive :)

jezalmy said...

Doreen: thanks...will keep next round

Arrowouiz said...

You cut your hair !! Wow ... Great choice .. looked younger ~