Monday, June 1, 2009

My Uncle Wedding Betrothal Gifts Day

Post for 31st of May 2009
Place: Muar
Wake up at 7:30am, after a nice shower, prepare ourself as need to sent all the wedding betrothal gifts to the bride's house.
But before that, let me take some photos first.

The Red Ribbon. I like the word "喜", make me feel happy.

Red wine and Martell.

The fruits. Don't ask me why need this as I also don't know.

The Fu Sau Noodles.

Err. Don't know who to call all this things.

After the breakfast, sharp 9am reach the bride's house.

Do you know what is inside the plastic bag, actually all is the wedding pastries. 50boxes, no joke.

Brian to hot until used the boxes to cover his face. Next to him is my uncle and he is the groom.

My father, holding the Martell.

My mum with the wedding gift basket.

Phew~~, at least finished moving job.

What is Wedding Betrothal Gifts Day?

The Wedding Betrothal Gifts Day is one of the tradition among the chinese who are plan for married soon. The date will specially selected base on the birth day and time between the groom and the bride. So can present all the gifts on a auspicious date. When the day come, the groom will deliver the betrothal gifts together with his family. Normally is 2 weeks or 1 week before the actual wedding date. After the ceremory, the bride's parent will give back some gifts to the groom site and then they will bring along the wedding card and pastries give to thier relatives.


Butter De Pei said...

Cool! I like those pictures, am not so sure about the chinese traditional wedding customs lol, but will get to see it on July for my cousin wedding! Pictures pictures hehehhhee

Doreen said...

Wah, that's a lot of gift! I didn't have all these for my wedding....I guess we were all lazy and opted for a simple option i.e. doing nothing. Hahahaha

jen ® said...

your uncle very leng jai *thumbs*

jezalmy said...

Pei: Hope you enjoy ur cousin wedding too.

Doreen: I prefer the simple way as no need go through all these. But at the same time also good to follow the step of our chinese tradition.

Jen: TQ, will tell my uncle you said he leng chai..haha

Josephine said...

Is that "过大礼"?

jezalmy said...

yes gal

Josephine said...

martell change wine...
nyek nyek nyek...

jezalmy said...

nolar, martell and wine all for bride one