Friday, June 26, 2009

What a Friday

Sure everyone will enjoy their Friday as can go for happy hour after work. For me, Friday is normaly. Nothing special for the past of my life when the fisrt time step into this industry world (sat need to work). But today a bit different, something had happened

Case 1.
Early in the morning heard from radio that Michael Jakson, the Pop-King die. What a lost as the way he dance is amazing even until now still no one can beat him down. I'm not a fan for Michael Jackson but have a chance listen his song and watch his music movie since young time (mum collected some of his tapes). What I remember is "Beat It". He has his strong and unique personality that no one can copy, non of them and his is the icon in this music indusrty.

Case 2
Accidently pour all the sotong samba on my light pink khakis pant. Was heart pain now...T__T. Now even after wash it, still, the samba marks can be found on my pant, everywhere. I will not go out from the office, I don't want people think that I'm wearing a old smelly pant to work.


jen said...

may MJ rest in peace..

jormai an 5 siao sim dao sar sambal. ngi sit nasi lemak lehh

jezalmy said...

ngm heh ngai, ngai tar bao pun Brian, ann ngam itu sambal lui chut loi...kik si ngai

Doreen said...

I thought it was a hoax when I first read the unconfirmed report. My bro and I like him. It is a lost to the entertainment world.