Tuesday, June 2, 2009

My Nike

For my whole Muar trip, I just managed to get myself a red Nike Shoe. Is a kind of tired during this trip as we spend most of the time eat and sleep (bride's parent belanja ma). However I meet up with my friend, Cherrie and her husband and ofcourse also the cute little princess Daphne.

Here is my new shoe

Price: RM189
Actually at the last day, I spotted few bontique shops. The display dress super pretty but I just miss the chance of trying those dress because I was inside my friend car and rush back for my uncle dinner....T__T


Arrowouiz said...

Oh !! You bought a Nike !! I bought my Nike lately too ..

jen said...

your nike shoes so cute, i love red color, very attention grabbing heh *thumbs*

jezalmy said...

Arrowouiz: Is it, must show me next time how is your new nike shoe look like

Jen: I agree with you, red color really get people attention..haha