Thursday, June 18, 2009

Restaurant Hei Yong Sing

Went this place last few weeks. Now only manage to blog the food up as I was super busy...:P

Foods here are not bad and the manager are friendly. Environment in the restaurant is good at least clean and the deco is nice (forget to take a pic on the deco). Besides at the entrance, they made a fish pool so the kids can hang around there.

Emmm. How to call this dish in english...let me think first....
Braised Pork.
Rate: 8/10
Opinion: I like source not the pork...haha. Ok, the meat is fresh and I got try few bites on it, not bad.

The steam bread.
Rate: 10/10
Opinion: Super soft. Eat with the braised pork source are super delicious. Cannot gt my mouth away from it..I ate alot...haha

Here is the
Sweet and sour fish. This dish is made by the fish body part. How about the head, tail and the boarn part?
Rate: 9/10
Opinion: Can be the kids appertizer. Becuase the source itself taste sweet and sour, you can take the source and mixed up with the rice. Sure the kids will like it alot and finished the rice without a single waste. The meat part guaranty no borns, so no need worry for the kids.

remain parts from the fish. They boiled together with spanish and salty fish. Super delicous on the soup part.
Rate: 10/10

Opinion: taste good, the prawn fry with the almonds slice and the source taste a bit sour.

Now only I relize we didn't ordered any vegetable...haha


jen said...

you make me so hungry now *cry*
today din take lunch summore >.<

Josephine said...

the prawns got almond de wor!
Must be nice!

Doreen said...

Gosh, I can't stop thinking about eating the bread with those yummy braised pork.

jezalmy said...

i am super duper hungry now by looking those pics