Friday, June 5, 2009

Uncle Wedding - Muar

Post for 31st of May 2009

Just selected few photos taken during the wedding dinner at Muar. Dinner start sharp 8pm which hardly see this practice over KL as people always not punctual.

The signboard. Okie, because this dinner is held by the bride site, so the capten stick their surname on the board.

Guess book (for guess write down the wishes and signature)

Little fairies hide inside the flower.

The Deco. Like the card, name printed inside, seldom see menu card printed the couple name.

OMG, can you spot the engagement ring and also the wedding ring. The wedding ring diamond so big. Rich man. Uncle next time can present one for me as my birthday gift?

The lovely couple, my uncle and aunty.

Cut Cake Ceremory

Pouring the wine. Anyone know why mush do this step?

Cheers! Or we can call as "Yam Seng" in chinese.

Can't wait for the actual dinner which held on 14th of June 2009. Will try to take as much photos I can.


Josephine said...

Congrats uncle!

jen said...

the bride very pretty & sin choi fit fit *blush*

oooo i love her big diamond ring...

jezalmy said...

Jen, i love the diamond too

Arrowouiz said...

Congratulations to them !! Yup ... I can spot the diamond !! It is really beautiful ~

Doreen said...

She wears her engagement ring and diamond ring on different fingers? We wear both rings on the same left ring finger.

Beautiful bride! Congrats!