Tuesday, December 29, 2009

4 More Days To Go

Another 4 more days then I shall know my twins gender. Can't wait to meet my babies again...phew, hope tomorrow is saturday.

Thursday, December 24, 2009

My Pregnancy: Week 4 to Week 13

24th October 2009
Menstruation was late for a day. Bought the pregnancy tester and test, immediately result show positive. Couldn't believe on the result this time as always get the negative result each time I test last time. Brian and I was so happy and finally we manage to have chance become parent. Called and informed my mum and also Brian family member. I guess this should be my week 4 pregnancy.

31st October 2009
Week 5.
Back to checkup after I got to knew I was pregnant after tested by myself using tester. Appointment made on 30th October but delay a day only went to see doctor. Did my first scan, looking at the screen, no idea what was the doctor try to look for. What I can see was 2 small circles. After a while doctor only told me I having twins and my first questions was "is it identical?". Doctor replied "No, is from different ovaries mean dual sex.". Told Brian the news and he super excited and informed the parent. Need to come back another 2 weeks to find out when is the due date.

14th November 2009
Week 7.
Second checkup. This time Brian followed me went into the room. Our first question to doctor was "Did my babies have heart beat?". Doctor replied us, yes and she showed us from the screen where is the babies heart beat. Is was so amazing looking the little dots having the jumping movement inside the screen. Due date would be 30th June 2010.

27th November 2009
Week 9.
After back from Jenson's shop found out myself came those brown spots. Was scared at the first place, called Brian fetch me see doctor and we rush to Kepong Clinic as that time I didn't aware my doctor, Roopi Medical Centre is on 24 hours operation. Totally disappointed with the Indian doctor, he asked me lie down on the bed and keep pushing my abdomen then just give me panadol and no scan for me. He said if still bleeding come tomorrow and see me again. Frankly by the time reach home I just throw the panadol away and get myself on the bed.

28th November 2009
Week 9.
11am, found out myself come the brown spots again and this time straight away called to my doctor. She asked me don't wait anymore, go back and check and this is consider bleeding already. Felt relief after saw both of them moving inside my placentas and doctor gave me injection to stabilized my pregnancy. Luckily that time I applied 2 days leave for Jenson wedding and for the whole 4 days just keep lie on the bed.

5th December 2009
Week 10.
My third checkup. This time MIL followed us and saw both babies moving their hands, twist and turn the whole body. Is so cute.

9th December 2009
Week 10.
First time cried during my pregnancy because bleeding again and this time no more brown spot is a kind of blood color already. Rush to see my doctor and she said bleeding due to infection and asked me not to worry is normal for pregnant lady got infection. But is not good if bleeding during pregnancy, first time I was confuse. Saw both babies movement but is less compared with last checkup. Take injection again to stabilized my pregnancy and 2 days emergency leaves rest at home. If by saturday, 12th December still bleeding need to go back take the injection again. Luckily no more bleeding and my next schedule checkup would be 2nd January 2009.

24th December 2009
Week 13.
Another week to go then I will be able to know my babies gender. Can't wait to meet them again.

Wednesday, December 23, 2009

My Lunch

Here is my lunch of the day. Yes, all about veges. As recently I really don't like to have meat especially chicken meat. Some more my working area here (within walking distance) don't have any pork for me so I just pick some bean sprout and baby kailan as my lunch.

Not to forget my cherries tomato. Found it at a malay stall nearby my office recently and already had it for past one week. Don't know why, just love to bite on the tomato. There are just juicy and yummy to me.

Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Daily Medicine

Here is my daily medicine after my pregnancy. Once a day and must take after breakfast (advice from doctor). for the first 8 weeks I need to take three time a day but of course is only take the folic acid, vitamin and hormone pill. Start on my 10 weeks pregnancy, only add on the calcium, iron and fish oil pill. I wonder is it every pregnant lady will have the same amount of pill to be taken everyday?

Friday, December 18, 2009

Officially 3 Months Pregnancy

Phew, finally, I can loudly and proudly announce that I'm on my 3 months pregnancy for TWINS. For the past 12 weeks I was like in hell for the morning sickness as I can easily feel vomiting anytime anywhere even during bed time. Serious, no joke. This make my emotionally uncontrolled for some period and Brian is the one always fire by me. Poor little daddy, always give mummy bully. But what to do, no one I can reduce my stress on it other than Brian. The closer one to me. Hereby I would like to apologize to my hubby on all this no good manner...hahaha

At least now is better after 12 weeks, everything is back to normal but sometimes I do still feel want to vomit when I smell something which is strong smell especially on the fried foods...always nono to me and I rather run away from them.

Things change a lot on me, in term on my butt size but my eating habit too. I use to eat chicken but not pork. After I pregnant, I don't like chicken that much and I will look for pork but this held not long. Now, I more on FISH!!!! Steam will be better, like cod fish and pompret fish. Is yummy ("Saliva want to come out"). Wonder what will be my next craving dishes...hehe


Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Craving suddenly....

Is just happen suddenly after I read through my friend blogs, make me craving for the foods now.

The foods that I wish could have it on my table now:-


Thanks to Cherrie blog about the burger from Burger King. Is quit a long time I never step inside this shop to have a warm bite on the French Chicken. Really miss it. By not waiting for other days, straight away give Brian a call to ordered the French Burger from him. Mean tonight I will enjoy my lovely meal.
Thanks darling.


Thanks to Jen and you really spoil me with your laksa. My saliva almost come out from my mouth each time look at this pictures. I wish to have but I think Brian won't allow me to have a taste even on the soup for this moment.
Jen Jen Jen....how could you do this to me....T___T, can courier the laksa for me arr?