Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Daily Medicine

Here is my daily medicine after my pregnancy. Once a day and must take after breakfast (advice from doctor). for the first 8 weeks I need to take three time a day but of course is only take the folic acid, vitamin and hormone pill. Start on my 10 weeks pregnancy, only add on the calcium, iron and fish oil pill. I wonder is it every pregnant lady will have the same amount of pill to be taken everyday?


jen said...

so many pills >.<
must ask brian buy bird's nest for you also, later babies's skin smooth smooth, hehe

jezalmy said...

jen, my doctor said better don't take chinese medicine, no milk powder for pregnant lady and bla bla bla. She said to prevent over weight, high blood pressure and diabetes. all this can course early birth which she don't want this happen on me. So I seldom take birth nest liao

KangWoon said...

Jen.Already got alot natural bird nest ready,Only dont have a cook.Dont know whether u volunteer to be the cook o not.