Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Craving suddenly....

Is just happen suddenly after I read through my friend blogs, make me craving for the foods now.

The foods that I wish could have it on my table now:-


Thanks to Cherrie blog about the burger from Burger King. Is quit a long time I never step inside this shop to have a warm bite on the French Chicken. Really miss it. By not waiting for other days, straight away give Brian a call to ordered the French Burger from him. Mean tonight I will enjoy my lovely meal.
Thanks darling.


Thanks to Jen and you really spoil me with your laksa. My saliva almost come out from my mouth each time look at this pictures. I wish to have but I think Brian won't allow me to have a taste even on the soup for this moment.
Jen Jen could you do this to me....T___T, can courier the laksa for me arr?

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jen said...

jez, plan for a trip to ipoh bahh. i'll bring you eat the laksa, really superb nice! and cheap! many KL people come to ipoh for this laksa one...i can guarantee you'll like it, hehe :)))