Friday, February 20, 2009

Chikugunya attack my father

I was shock when yesterday I received a call from Brian early in the morning. He told me that my father need to admitted into hospital due to mosquito disease. So I apply for emergency leave and wait Brian come and fetch me. Around 12pm, he came and we rush to my father house, when the time we reached, they already wait us at the car park. I saw my dad face was so read because from the high fever and I got to know that he been sick since Monday. My mum told me that father was sick because of the new disease from the mosquito which is call chikungunya, similar to dengue fever and will few pain on the bone and muscle.

Around 2pm, after the blood test at Sentosa Hospital, the nurse bring my father to 4th floor room 413 bed 13C. How many days my father need to stay at the hosipital, we are not sure. One thing good is his pallet still maintain normal and just drop a bit only, this mean he still not that serious compare to those other type of dengue.

What is chikugunya?

Chikugunya is a virus transmitted by mosquito bite. This virus belog to a group called, Arbovirus where dengue fever also fall into same group. The disease is spread by bite of Aedes mosquitoes. This mosquito breeds in fresh waters unlike those spreading malaria, which develop in stagnant water. This mosquito usually bites during the daytime. The disease manifests with acute onset of body ache including muscle and joint. pains, fever, and skin rash. Painful swelling of hands and feet may be commonly seen. Like most of the other viral infections, this disease also improves over 2-3 weeks spontaneously, however muscle and joint pains may persists for months in a minority. The treatment is essentially for the symptoms with painkillers and anti-pyretics.


Doreen said...

Scary leh now got new type of disease. Hope your father recover soon.

Josephine said...

Is your father ok now?
If can, let him drink more coconut juice and 100 plus.

jezalmy said...

Thanks for the concern, just called my mum, he is better than yesterday. Hope he can recover soon as my parent already sign package to China on 3/3/09.