Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Tagged by Josephine

A popular tag from flickr
Tagged by Josephine is sweet gal and so kind. She love her family and hubby a lots.
Early in the morning, received a message from Jospehine. I was tag by her...haha. This time my turn.

The rules are, everthing have to be hand written.
Take a picture on your hand written and post it.
1. Your name.
2. Left/right handed.
3. Favourite alphabet to write.
4. leasr favourite alphabet to write.
5. Write down "The quick brown fox jumps over the lazy dog" (notices it contains all alphabet in this sentence)
6. Name 6 of the people you're gonna tag.

Thanks Josephine. May you coming holiday trip is full of love memories.


Doreen said...

Wah, you're fast leh. Now me under pressure. Hehehehe

Charles Key said...

nice handwriting.

jezalmy said...