Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Good News

Guys and gals, let me tell you a good news over here!!!!! My father discharged from the Sentosa Hospital already. Suppose is on Sunday, but in the morning his fever is back and the pallet drop again. We will so scare that time and pray so hard for my father so he can recover fast. Yesterday, doctor told him have to wait until 2pm to see the result, if no fever, only then the doctor allow him to discharge. Then wait until 5pm only the nurse settle all the document with insurrance company and let my father go. Phew.....what a scary day we had.

Okie before end this post, let me blog some pics taken on 22/02/09 at KLCC.

On our way to KLCC after visited my father.

The KLCC and Maxis Tower

The inner structure

Who leg is this?

And come to the end of today.


Josephine said...

Good news.
I did not see u online. Very dam sam tim...

Doreen said...

Glad to hear that. Finally you can relax.

That's your leg lah. Hehehehe

jezalmy said...

Aiyor, my leg not that small la