Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Powder Mask

Live Powder Mask, Green Tea & Milk

A food Therapy. Special food for the skin to eat. Contains lots of nutritive and energetic ingredients such as fresh plants, fruits and etc. to maintain our bodies healthy and lively.

How to use?

Open the paper cup and you will find there is 2 packs of ingredients, the milk essence and the green tea powder. Open both packets and pour the ingredients into the paper cup. Using the enclosed spoon, carefully mixt the powder with the milk essence. Using your fingers, apply evenly to the entire face avoiding the eye and lip contour area. After about 5 minutes, wash off with lukewarm water before the mask dries.

And this how we look like after apply.

Model: My sis
Opinion: Hmm. Not much different. Just the green tea powder smell really strong. Make me few like having green tea ice-cream on my face.
Rate: 5/10


Doreen said...

This mask will only make me crave for green tea ice cream. LOL

jezalmy said...

hoho...I agree with you.

Josephine said...

u always buy masks one hor?
i always buy nia, always lazy to use wan.

Wanna go see Wai Yee or not?
When are u going back to ur mom place?

jezalmy said...

Want but not this few days. Let her have a good rest first.
When you coming back again arrr

Josephine said...

I come back every week geh...