Friday, March 27, 2009

Yogurt Mask

Yesterday promised Josephine to try on the Yogurt mask from Beauty Diary. So I keep my promise to her by doing it at night. Guess what? Brian asked me why I mask again because I just done this on tuesday night. So I have to explain to Brian the purpose and he replied me: "Ohhh. Ok." and he continued his board game and me, of course continued to enjoyed my mask.

Yogurt Mask.

Suitable: All skin type, oily and enlarged pores skin.
Usage: Moisturising, oil control and refreshment.
Ingredients: natural active ingredients of black pearls. Pineapples, limes and cucumber.
Characteristics: Soften and whiten the skin. Restore skin's resilience and radiance for use on normal skin. Recommended for dull skin lacking elasticity
1. Clean the face with facial foam and wipe it dry. Apply toner and place the mask gently on the face. Leave it for 20 to 30 minutes.
2. Peel of the mask and gently tap the remaining essence all over the face. Apply moisturizing product.
3. Do not need to rince with water.

Rate: 9/10
Opinion: I'm so in love with this yogurt mask. It smell like candy or those Wall's rainbow ice-cream....just sweet!!! Feel cool on my face when I placed it at the first point. Later, feel that my skin been tighten up under the mask during the whole process. How about my pores? Did this really help? Okie, I can't give comment so fast as only first trial. What I can say here is, worth to try as it do resize my pores to be not so obvious.

Josephine, I think you gonna like this very much. Oh ya, regarding the pic for dot dot dot, not manage to do so as is late after the mask. Tonight take the shot and let you see and give me the opinion. Next, I try the Aloe Vera Mask for you arr.


Josephine said...

Love u!
Thanks for trying it out for me...
I want!
I want!

confirm yogurt x 5 pcs...

Jen ® said...

i've been hunting for yogurt mask too. so far i only know body shop is selling but i din buy from them. what's the min order if were to buy from your friend?

jezalmy said...

Jen, no minimum order but she is at muar, any delivery cost (skype or post laju) will bare by customer.