Friday, March 13, 2009

New Promotion

Another new promotion out from Pizza Hut, The Sensasi Delight Set.
We went on last saturday together with my sis and little 2 monsters. When we settle down, the waitress only passed us the Sensasi Delight Menu and walk away, we found out that the choices of this new set was limited. After a few flip on the menu, we deicided to try 3 flavors and add on the cris cut fries. Brian do asked the waitress who a question after we ordered:-

Brian: "Is Pizza Hut changed the menu"
Waitress: "Yes"
Brian: "Then how is the old flavor pizza? Is it no more?"
Waitress: "No, we still have."
Brian: "Then why you only passed us the Sensasi Delight Set menu?"
Waitress: "You didn't ask for it."

We was like....(-_-)".....

The mushroom soup. Taste worst, like the flour FOC from supplier.

Breadstix and Garlic Bread is included. Brian just add on the cris cut fries.

1. Bief Pizza (Brian ordered this)
2. Grecian Egg & Chicken Pizza
3. Stuffed Crust Pizza, not sure is it call Italian Chicken(cheese + ham + corn).

Frankly, the Grecian Egg & Chicken Pizza is tasteless, they just topping with some scrumble eggs and few slice chicken sausages. The Stuffed Crust Pizza even worst, sis and I almost vomit out after a bite. Taste a kind of medicine (red color type) that we use to have it when we are small.


Josephine said...

This is called service meh?
u pay service charge u know?


jezalmy said...

Complain also no use, they never changed.

Doreen said...

The service so bad! Don't go back there ever again!