Friday, March 20, 2009

The Power of Colour

Read this article from a local chinese newspaper yesterday night, found it interesting so just share over here.

The secret of 7 colours:-

1. Red = Perk up the spirit. Increse blood circulation.
2. Orange = bring up self confidence and courage. Improve depression and asthma.
3. Yellow = boost positive emotions. Improve digestion and constipation.
4. Jade Colour = Pucify nervous mood. Improve joint pain.
5. Green = Improve the flexibility on joints area. Speed up rehabilitation ability.
6. Blue = Decresss stress. Improve insomnia and blood pressure.
7. Purple = Increase learning ability. Lighten headache and anger.

Personally, I like green colour. I remember when I was small, my mum always teached us look at the trees, especially on the leafs part when we feel our eyes is pain.


Doreen said...

I love blue! I love watching the really calms me down.

jezalmy said...

My hubby also like blue but our room paint in sweet purple..haha

Doreen said...

Sweet purple? Wah~~~~so romantic leh.