Friday, April 3, 2009

What Shape You Are?

Article from CLEO magazine.
Do you all know by seeing on the body shape can predict your health status and which fruits most accurate resembles your body shape?





So which shape you are? I fall into the pear shape group as my hip site bigger than my waist and upper part T_T. In here, I will touch only on the pear shape info.

Your Shape: your breast circumference is small to moderate, well-defined waist which just like a mermaid, widens out at the hips, bottom and thighs.

What this mean: the good news is that weight carried arround your bottom and tights is due to "subcutaneous" fat, which doesn't bump up your risk of heart disease, stroke and diabetes.

Diet: A higher protein diet suits you (eat more lean meats). Lemongrass or dandelion leaf teas can help reduce cellulite formation, as can plenty of water.

Lifestyle: go for a bigger lunch and breakfast and consider an wvening crab curfew. Never skip breakfast and eat regular meals to help stabilise blood sugar levels and boost your mood.

Exercise: upper body strenthening exercise will even out your shape. Lighter cardio work can help slim down your bottom half so consider walking or light jogging.

Dressing for pear shape

Dresses & skirt: go for styles that hug the waist and flare to an A-line. Avoid stretch skirts and stiff fabrics which stretch to your widest point.

Shirts & jackets: choose long tailored jackets or straight-kine cardigans that end close to the knee. Shirts with a V-neck help draw the eye upward away from your hips and thighs.

Jeans & trousers: go for bootleg jeans and choose waisted pencil-stlye trousers.


Jen ® said...

hey i bought april issue too hehe! tapi ngai tuh 5 tih ngai heh makkai shape :( basically i have big body frame *sad* soryi jiok makkai tuh 5 hao korn *cry*

btw, april issue hao tor liang zai bachelors hehe. no. 3 is my friend hohoho ~

Josephine said...

ya. I read about this article...
Last month's issue rite?

jezalmy said...

War, then ngai oi mai April CLEO jor..ngai oi tai liang jai...kekke

Josephine: yes this is march one. I keep keep until today only blog..hoho

Doreen said...

I think I'm pear too. How come nothing for the perfect balance hour-glass figure one?