Friday, April 24, 2009

Kuih Lompang

What did you have for today breakfast?
Milk, cereal, nasi lemak, noodle, biscuits or others?
As for me, I bought Kuih Lompang as my breakfast today :P

The colourful Kuih Lompang.
Rate: 6.5/10
Kuih Lompang is one type of Malay dessert in Malaysia. Normally serve with grated coconut. This also similar with the Chinese Bu Zai Kow.


Jen ® said...

my favorite! i love this kuih (served along shredded coconut) but very hard to find nice ones in ipoh. nowdays you always make me hungry with your posts. yesterday pan mee, now kuih haha!

jezalmy said...

Hoho, I still got Kuih Nyoya with me. Keep for lunch.

Josephine said...

So, envy u leh, have different type of varieties for breakfast!
Me forever Coffee and 'so da phieng'

jezalmy said...

Josep, u drink coffee normally is plain water for all the day...haha