Monday, April 6, 2009


Went for dinner together with my parent yesterday. Usually every Sunday I will meet up with them, my sis and her 2 little kids. If lucky, I will meet up with my brother too as now hard to see him because the company send him to Ipoh for a project about 3 years

So, where we went?

Penang Lanta Seafood Restaurant.
Near Kepong Carrefour and behind the Happy Garden Hawkers Center.

We are table No# 8. Anyone want Tiger Beer.

While waiting for the foods come... let have some luck on the Big Sweep.

And chinese tea... I wonder why each time go out eat must order tea not others drink.

Here is my brother and Brian. Handsome?

Finally our foods ready to serve....

Thai Style Chicken.
Rate: 8/10
The chicken skin is cruncy.

Rate: 10/10
As I'm veges lover.

Steam Fish
Rate: 7/10
The waitress told us the fish steam in 3 different flavors but when the dish come, we only realise the meaning of 3 flavors....steam with onion leaf, onion, and fried onion..(-_-)". The lime is for us to squeeze into the soup...(frankly, the fish is so so only, no taste but the soup after mixed with lime, is another paradise).

Salad Prawn
They put mayoness instead off thousand island dressing...too sour and taste a bit weird


Jen ® said...

thai style chicken is my fave *drool* ohh you bro is in ipoh ^-^ my hometown ~

Josephine said...

No need to introduce also i know that one is ur brother.

Same face wan!!!! really made from the same factory!!!

jezalmy said...

Muahaha... most of my relative said we have the same face lor, even my friend also will said like that...hahaha

Doreen said...

Chinese tea very healthy bah, and help cleansing the oil in your stomach too. You are torturing me with all these food lah!

jezalmy said...

Doreen: there also have nice food ma