Thursday, April 30, 2009

Funny Funny Case

Funny Funny. What so funny?
Today I come across two cases.

Case 1
My sis send me an email, asked me what am I doing now and she is so boring in the office. I was like =_=". If you are boring, why don't you call me up like what you did for all the while. Why this time send through email? I think she really to free until want to chit chat through the internet by email not msn or HP.

Case 2
I don't want to mentioned who is the person. Just felt that don't simply lie to me ok. I know you got msn and I saw you on before, somemore in front of my face. When I asked "Do you have MSN", you dare to replied me you don't have and gave me excuses. Just don't know why got such person in this world. There is no harm for you give me your msn as I only want to send a file (big file size) to you for urgent case matter. You think I really want to chat with you....go to bed and dream for it.


Jen ® said...

i have msn gahh but only online at night hehe! some people memang overreacted one haha!

jezalmy said...

Hai, i just want to send the AI file for this person (my boss want the pdf file from this person)...this person dare to said like this

Josephine said...

although u did not mention who is he/she, but u mention ur boss.
This person must be ur colleague!!!

jezalmy said...

no, this person is not from my company but because of that relationship I cannot tell who is the person arr...not my hubby either