Friday, April 17, 2009

My Random Talk

I having sore throat but this morning I ate nasi lemak with sotong (RM3.50, heart pain now). No joke, spicy food again. Am I really want to torture my throat or just wish for getting sick so I won't come for work? My plan today actually to buy WAN TAN MEE but end up I was late and just passed through the kopitiam this morning and wave my hand to the lovely breakfast...T_T

Finally I recycle out lots of rubbish from my tummy that make me feel heavy like a rock for the past 2 days. Damn, its really a lots compare the usual day. Maybe put too much foods to my mouth this fews night. Must control myself out away from the supper. I want to detox but I am lazy to do so -_-"

A big pimple pop up on my left face that make me feel unconfortable. Really make my eye pain and my hand so ichy now want to scratch it away but I know I can't. So just leave it on my face until the day it disappear itself. And I still had spicy food as breakfast.

I am so lazy this week to do mask. Always reach home around 10:30pm and after watched my drama until 12pm. Promise to myself, no matter how this coming sathurday and sunday I musk do mask.

I getting mad soon if keep sitting in this office. I hate the engineer as I am not those indo maid for you guys okie. Don't simply asked me do this and that. I got my own work to complete and please get away from me. The boss asked you do report and pass up to me. But you like to drag, boss chased me like held and I chased you like mad women, even is not my problem. You even dare to informed boss that there are nothing need to record for the pump case. I was like...WTF, I need to keep track and 100% sure customer will ask for the report soon. End up this morning, I wrote the report myself. This is your work ok, not mine. What for pay you that much if I do your work. Get lost. I having lots of pressure from the boss, please sit on my place then you will know how heavy was my duty as you think my post here is easy.

Luckily my boss will away for 1 week to our Vietnam branch. I am free again but I still need to face you guys.

I really want a holidays trip, anywhere also can. Just to relax myself and reduce my stress. But all this can't be real as we really need to help up Jenson business. Another reason also need to save up all my leave (10days/year) for year end. Planning for whole weeks holidays during Jenson wedding.

Hai, just feel tired and sleepy now


Jen ® said...

ngai korn ngi fatt tai nget hih liao. bao liong sui loi yim har bah.

btw, working everywhere is the same where you have to face those kind of shitty people. getting one person's pay but doing 10 bloody ppl's jobs =.=

chill, weekend is here. take a good rest and hih jor mask =P

jezalmy said...

Ya..but this is the worst engineer I never meet before

Josephine said...

When is Jenson wedding?
How old is he wor?

U wanna go holiday ar? Take a rest also good geh.

The sex on the beach cocktail, taste like lemon juice with brandy vodka...

jezalmy said...

Jenson's wedding on november, no cruch with u one