Thursday, April 23, 2009

Pan Mee

Yesterday went to Restuarant Chong Hwa Curry House for dinner. The main foods is curry mee but since they are so famous now, they start to provide alternative foods like Chu Chong Fan, Nasi Lemak and Pan Mee. Lots of people will come from different place just because the curry mee and even tourist bus will bring those tourist come here to eat (I mean local one). Frankly, I didn't find any special on the curry mee, maybe my taste different from the others. I prefer the pan mee more.

Brian, waiting for the pan mee come.

Pan Mee from Chong Hwa Curry House.
Rate: 8/10

The curry tou fu pok.
Rate: 7/10


Josephine said...

Near gombak ar?
Where is Chong Hwa?

jezalmy said...

Is in Gombak near Jenson western corner. My mother in law love the curry mee so much (she is from Kedah). She said KL hard to find this taste of curry liao

Jen ® said...

so long i din eat pan mee craving for one after looking at the picture of your pan mee :(

jezalmy said...

Jen, kim man ya he sik