Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Restaurant Fatt Kee

Post for 12th of April 2009

Went for dinner together with my parent and sis. At first we thought want to have dinner at Gold Hill but 6pm only they will start to do business again and Brian and I can't wait until 6pm. We need to rush back to help up his brother, because Brian had fired the indo maid....-_-" due to certain reason (all of them are so happy after the indo maid gone)

So we had dinner at Restaurant Fatt Kee, located at Manjarala.

We are table No#33
Went here few times already. What we order?

The Soya Sauce Fried Fish
Rate: 9/10
Opinion: This dish is nice but one bad thing is the fish too small for 5 adults of us.

Portugis Style Squid and Prawn.
Rate: 10/10
Opinion: I like this so much. The sauce is enough sour when you mixed the sauce with white rice, damn delicious.

The tomato sauce fried pork
Rate: 8/10
Opinion: Ordered this beacuse of my nephew. He can't have his dinner without tomato sauce (what a weird kid). Not much fat found in the pork, I still can accept it.

Also ordered the mixed vege but found it not worth to talk over so only.


Josephine said...

i tengah gam fei...

jezalmy said...


Jen ® said...

i like that fried pork! my mum seldom cooks that at home now cause she complains that i'm getting fatter and fatter, so no pork :(

jezalmy said...

haha..where got mum complains own daugther fat one