Tuesday, March 16, 2010

My Pregnancy: Week 24

Some updates on my pregnancy:-

1. Babies keep kicking non-stop (if the movement to big, I will feel pain on it).
2. Belly keep growing bigger and bigger, sometimes make me hardly breath and claim my office staircase.
3. Start facing the edema problem, the condition of swollen ankles and feet (just recently). Guess drink too much of water.
4. Just recovered from the cough and flu virus. Really killing, cough until my muscle pain.
5. Backbone pain like hell, no joke. Sometimes when I get up early in the morning, the painess just like a knife cutting me.
6. Sometimes will feel a bit pain on the belly, mum said this is normal as my belly is growing.
7. Easy tired and sleepy always.



Oh ya, just bought the twins stroller, will update soon.
See ya.


Doreen said...

Try to put your legs up on a stool or something when you sit down. This will ease the water retention on your legs.(^_^)

迷迭香 said...

guess u need more rest ~ ^_^
and to avoid the swollen of ur legs try to cut down ur salt intake....

jen said...

your twins so active hor always kick you

jezalmy said...

Yesterday is the worst, both kick me until I can't really have a nice sleep, my backbone are super pain now

Alix said...

Hi Jez,

I just clicked the "Next Blog" button on my blog and it brought me to you. Congratulations on your pregnancy! Best wishes for a continued healthy pregnancy and safe birth experience. Twins! How wonderful. I'm a twin myself, with a fraternal twin brother. Are your boys fraternal or identical? I'll be thinking of you on June 30th. Best wishes! Enjoy!

jezalmy said...

Alix, Thanks for the wishes. Yes, mine is boys fraternal. Both also boys.