Wednesday, March 3, 2010

My Pregnancy: Photos Update

Hi all,
Here are few photos to update. Hope you all will enjoy it.

A 29 years old new mummy carrying with her almost 23 weeks tummy. Currently having twins and both babies gender also boy. Due date would be 30th of June 2010 if everything goes with schedule.

Tummy size = 37"
Butt size = 38"
Weight = 60.5kgs up to now.
Breast size = secret.

Thanks for Brian helping me take all this photos.
That all for today.
See ya.


jen said...

OMG SO CUTE UR BELLY!!!! i feel like want to touch. do yo feel san fu when walking when your belly is getting bigger and bigger? still look very slim. my butt still bigger than yours..hehe!!

btw, thumbs up for the photographer...hahaha!

jezalmy said...

jen, sometimes i will feel sanfu but not always... if i miss my meal then i will more sanfu, like want to vomit anytime due to the gas inside the stomach (you would like it at all)

Myrna said...

enjoy the pregnancy

J Alex said...

congratulations and best wishes for the birth

nurfaiz shaidan said...

hope that you'll have a smooth delivery!


jezalmy said...

Myrna, J Alex and Nurfaiz: Thanks

traCe said...

Hey Jez, ur glowing and looking good =) 20+weeks to go... have fun :)

jezalmy said...

Trace: How is ur baby boy already

sharkgila said...

you're looking well. Good to take photos now, after delivery you'll soon forget how you looked like when you were pregnant. =)